Saturday, September 26, 2015


The past weeks were full of talks and insights shared. The last rules review is going to evolute into the next one, due in two days.

The new "contract over rules over will over wishes" system needs more finetuning. The nature of the dynamic is shifting. Sexually she is submitting deeper, closer to her edge, while in the other area's she can be more bratty and playful.

We noticed that during long workdays, or travel, when I am away, the dynamic is stressed, and she has difficulty to stay focussed. Drifting off into the gardens of the castle, doubting her actions, doubting if she is a good submissive. I started to challenge her wearing ben-wa balls when I am not home. No enforced times, just wearing them and reporting to me how long she is able to keep them in. This creates layers of connection, anticipation, and lust. So far it is working well.

Comming home to my dripping wet needy cunt is a great welcome. And treating her like a fucktoy a great release. Making her wear her onesie backwards, spreading her legs, lifting her shackled wrists. Hearing her breathing heavily as the toys are inserted. Her moans and wriggling are useless. It is when the tears of submission flow that she drifts off to subspace ready to be fucked like a ragdoll.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Of Wolf and Man

Rules revision was skipped last week due to a busy schedule, but there is changes ahead. Sometimes you can feel that.

Our short trip together showed me I need to be Dominant, I need to plot out ways to jump her. Triggering her into submission. Beat her into it if must be.

Past weeks, with a lot less scene-interaction. I am watching her struggle, emotionally on edge.

I am changing the game. I make her do things she did not do before. Make her say things she would not say before. I use her for my pleasure.

Fuck her when she is very tired. In her tight ass when she does not expect it. Not cumming inside her as I did before, but splashing my cum onto her face, tits, legs, wherever.

It is all within the established boundaries, but I am wandering around. Mixing it up to catch her by surprise and dominate her by forcing her into awkward and humiliating scenes. Using little or no pain.

I am not sure yet, but it seems I am using humiliation to satisfy my sadism. And pain or the threat of pain, to enforce it.

I will need to research this ... cause the filthy, dirty, disgusting, kinky, dark ideas that are arising from this direction make me wonder what kind of animal I am ... *growl*

The wolf inside is rearing his head ...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just a couple of cents

My oh my, Just going to ramble some thoughts out there ...

My sub is not a pain-masochist.
For me the Sadism is not inflicting pain - per se.

I enjoy watching emotional struggle.

This can be by forcing her to write about something she dislikes, to force her to orgasm when she doesn't feel like it, to make her do things that she finds difficult. I enjoy her emotion when her face looks up at me and I can read from her eyes: "did he just seriously ask me to sniff up his cum from the floor ?"

I use pain/discomfort to guide her into doing it if she doubts to long or resists. To me the amount of pain she can take .. does not matter, I will continue to increase untill she does what I say. Her joy then does not come from the inflicted pain, but from the deep humiliation, the feeling of giving in and doing it ...

I told her to get on all fours, clamped her head between my thights and leaned over her, ripping her panties down .. encompassing and holding her forcefully, fingering her pussy ... when liquids began to flow abundantly, I released her head from between my legs.

"you wanna cum ?"
she nodded, "yes Master"
"then suck My cock and swallow it all, smear your face"

While the last spurt of cum was still gushing from my cock, I grabbed her head. Put it back between my tights. Bend over her back and grasped her ankles firmly ... touching her clit for 5 seconds ... then she erupted .. restrained by my legs and arms ...

Friday, August 14, 2015


I put a big dildo into the box from the topside, placing it against the backwall. Gently smacking her ass. "Back up and fuck him" ... as the order rolled from my lips I could feel the blood rush through my body. Watching her ride the big cock, Fuck that turns me on ...

"Be a good slut and fuck that cock deeper""
"Moan louder, you do not need to be ashamed of liking this"
"I know you are close, but you are not cumming without moaning much louder"
her voice started to change as she was loosing it .. "Master please, can he make me cum"
Her eyes looking up at me from behind the bars, I nodded .. , her eyes closed and a two thrusts later she groaned like an animal as her body started shaking and convulsing.

Still panting I pulled her hair through the bars, her face pressed against the wood, she knew what was required. Opening her mouth for my cock to enter she looked up again. The golden treasure trip was visible in her eyes. She took in what she could, gagging, drooling, licking, sucking my cock.

"You are my cunt, my hole to use as I see fit, I dont want an answer, I just want you to suck on, whore ...". As I was close I pulled back .. her eyes still looking at me.
"Would you like Masters cum ?", she nodded, "Yes Master". I climbed on top of the crib, and stuck my cock down into a corner. "SUCK"

She tried to turn and work her head into the corner, tilted backwards she managed what I thought was impossible. The good slut was sucking my cock again and licking my balls, drooling over her tits. Her make up all messed up. I moaned, telling her I was proud she was taking on so many cocks. But I had no intention of cumming in her mouth ...

"Put your ass towards the bars" Another hard to accomplish task, but she managed again.. her ass pressed onto the bars, her pussy wide open, her head and shoulders tilted under an angle to fit into the available space. I grabbed a dildo with a set of balls that feels more real then my own and started to fuck her harshly. "You gonna cum again slut ?" "I do not think so Master" "I do think so". Using a small vibe to fuck her ass in addition, it did not take long at all before she started moaning the loudest I have ever heard before. The "MAaasHasssterrRRRrr" she uttered as she came was gasoline to my Dominant fire ...

I lifted the cage up and pushed her head onto the floor with my foot. Drilled my cock into her wet cunt from behind. There was no resistance at all. Loud moans as I thrusted deeper, scraping her face over the floor,  and her tits dangling back and forth.

I erupted into her .. and pushed her away as a used ragdoll. Forcing her to open her legs ..

Watching as the cum dripped out, putting my fingers in to play with it a little. Kissing her calves, thights and belly, laying my head down.

"I love you"

"I love you too, Master"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


The last day of our kid-less holiday emerged. I decided I wanted to cook a nice dinner for the two of us, but allas, the grocery stores were closed. A dinner for two at a local restaurant overtook the original idea. After taking care of the dogs (walking and feeding) we prepped ourselves to go out. As she was putting on some make-up, I went upstairs to the 'unused' double-bed room. I figured she would not expect any more scenes ...  so wrong ... so wrong.
When we arrived the week before, a little tour around the house confronted me with my Dominant streaks. I still look back at myself at times and think, how was this not obvious ... enfin. In all rooms I checked for play posibilities, a small lockable shed, a double-bed room, a seperate sauna room. Scanning for rope attachement points in ceilings, radiator pipes, closets ... and then I noticed a baby crib ...
I took the matress out, layed it onto the floor and put the crib upside down ... perfect.
Going back downstairs, grabbed a couple of ben-wa balls and hid them in my sunglass-container. Urging subby to hurry up. 
As I asked for the check, she said she needed a short restroom break. I gently grabbed her wrist and handed her the sunglass container. I could see her eyes twinkle as she felt the wobbly motion of the balls inside the container. Immediately she knew, this was not the end to the evening. As she returned from the bathrooms, she handed me the empty container. "Good Slut" I whispered.
As we entered through the front door I ordered her to get naked. She seemed surprised, and could not focus on undressing. I smacked her ass .."faster bitch". Still no focus .. "FASTER" .. smacking her randomly across her body. And as soon as she was naked, there was a leash on a collar, and nipple clamps with a chain dangling from her big tits. Without any words I pulled her upstairs into the prepped bedroom and commanded her: "GET IN" while lifting the crib.
I started groping her arms, belly, tits,  "You are MY cunt", "You will be used as I see fit". As I smacked her with a small hard leather flogger through the openings I made sure she knew, even inside that crib ...
"On fours", "close to the end" .. she huddled backwards, pushing out her ass as it pleases me. I groped into her cunt ... dripping ...
she shivered ...

Friday, August 7, 2015


Ordering her to lay down and still. But no need to be quiet. That theme pretty much took the center stage past few days. Making her beg for more. More strikes and more orgasms. Making her ask for my cum on her face. 
The way her eyes look at me. Almost disbelief of what is happening.  she is calling out 'i am a whore' .. repeatedly, louder and louder .. while fucking herself with a dildo and jerking me off. She cums again, groaning and moaning .. yelping as I hit her all over with a flat hand.
her legs hog tied on the front, being drilled with virbators in her ass and eggs on her clit for another set of orgasms, pushing my feet in her face ... she falls asleep panting. Still wearing the cuffs.
Somewhere in the middle of the night I release her from her bounds, holding her tightly. Waking her up the next morning by licking her clit and ass .. stopping just before she cums, driving her to the edge, begging me. I make her confess her desire for several cocks to fill her up, and when she is to exhausted to resist I turn her onto her belly and fuck her deliciously tight ass, cumming all over her back ...
Holidays, without the kids are rough, loud and very .. very .. hot.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I love it when her mind goes from:

- No Master, there is no desire from me to orgasm ...


- Please Master, can I cum now ?

Choking her, forcefully pinning her down. Lying on top, while roughly fucking, legs half openened. Panting, moaning. her tits jiggling. her muscles flenching.

We will have 8 days with just the two of us, no kids ... It will be pain and bliss combined.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shaping the rules (4) - Pizza

Back from a nice week in France, heading onto a week with just the two of us and the dogs in the no man's countryside (north-east). At home for a couple of days, to send the teens off to their own holidays.

Yesterday was review and evaluation day. There was mainly one topic on the table. 'Asking for permission to orgasm'. I can not elaborate much on this now, but it became clear that there was an underlying thought pattern that has started to devellop into a direction I don't want. The rule will most likely be suspended for some time as I will search for better balance and development into the desired direction.

My focus was not on the cumming, it was on the 'asking permission', the controll. Her focus was on the orgasm, how to prevent it, untill granted allowed. We have gotten some idea's on the table and will start to play with them, to see what could work.

There was one moment during the family holiday where the kids were out by themselves and we had a couple of hours to ourselves. I did pack tie wraps, a vibrating egg and a small leather flogger (rather stingy). She was bent over the back of the chair, hands locked to the front legs, her ass perking backwards. The egg purring away at her g-spot .. the flogger harshly reddening her skin. There were some yelps, some moans and a rough fuck and deep seeding.
Leaving her panting for 10 minutes, returning and forcing her to cum twice more before tucking her into the sheets for a cuddle-nap ... untill the loud voices of kids, bringing home pizza, and knocking the door woke us up again.

It felt like claiming her ... this past week, to me, clearly indicates I need this thing we do ...

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I was on a business trip to Connecticut. There was no time to play long distance. Travelling, unpacking, eating, meeting, sleeping, repeating. I upgraded to business class on the intercontinental return flight to catch up on sleep.

D/s is suffering .. and this mornings rule breaking makes me growl. She came without permission, and told me she deliberately did so ... but there is no time for corrections now, as we are packing up for a short trip to France. 3 kids, 2 dogs and a load of stuff.

I did hide some toys into the luggage. But I am not sure if this holiday will have any appropriate timeslot for 'play'.

I initially had put vacations as non D/s time. Last revision we took it out. Lets see how things work out ...

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Past few days are full of stress. Leaving me tired at the end of the day. I know subby is craving a forcefull approach and a hard cock slutty-fying her. But taking control and falling asleep do not mix well.

This morning she had a rest day from her exercise plan. When I woke up her ass cheecks were smiling at me ... she was still asleep. I started fucking her in her sleep .. keeping the rythm slow but firm. She woke up and moaned lightly. I knew she had trouble switching but I wanted her to forget the stress, feel owned and used.

I came and pulled out .. leaving for the shower.

When I got downstairs, drinking my so needed espresso subby texted me. Asking approval to use a vibrator. I responded with a yes, and the condition to see it in action while my cum was still dripping out.

It didn't take long for the picture to arrive. When i came back from the short morning walk with the dogs she had just gotten out of the shower.

I waited for her to enter the room, subby thought I would say goodbye. Instead I pushed her onto the bed. Ordering the legs spread, applying the wand and after another orgasm. Hitting her all over with the selfmade crop.

I am in charge.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heat, hot, hurt

The heat wave in the Netherlands (94F/34C) is taking some fun away. We don not have airconditioning, as normaly the temps not even go above 72F/22C. So everything is getting laid back. I am actually glad subby was rather obedient so no discipline was needed. I think whacking her ass for half an hour with a whip would be pretty tough ...
I fucked her for release a few times, cumming on her belly or tits, but she had not been allowed to cum for a couple of days, thus the attributes layed out on the bed where gleamed at, and I saw a faint smile.
Blindfolding her, gagging her, putting the rope harnass on linked to her wrists with single collumn ties. Tightening the lower part of the harnass as she moves her hands outwards. It all took only a few minutes.
I told her to use the two dildo's. Switching every time she orgasmed, smacking her all over her body with the small leather flogger. After several orgasms I pushed one dildo in and locked it with the rope, using the magic wand on her clit till she came again, and again.
Turning her around, her limbs loosely flaping around (how nice !)... smacking her ass a few times and fucking her from behind in between the ropes. Which I will never do again. My cock hurt for hours ...
I wont be repeating that move again I think ...
PS, And for those who read from US, happy 4th of July.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shaping the rules (3)

Yesterday it was the 29th, our monthly review and evaluation day. I like the ritual feeling of this day. In the end no rules or wishes changed. Some changes in the sub-check-list.

Generally lots of thoughts flow through my mind that try to reflect how I see the dynamic and all the aspects within our relationship.

Last time I changed the contract around. I split it in three parts.
1) The general contract defining how the dynamic is set up. Who is submissive, who is the Dominant which responsibilities there are, including things like this monthly review, safewords and the sub-check list. How emergencies can break the contract, all essential basics, but no behavioral descriptions.
2) The rules
3) The wishes of the Dominant

Within the 1st part is is also described how these relate to each other:

The contract goes above the rules
The rules go above the will of the submissive and Master
The will of the Master goes above the will of the submissive
The will of the submissive goes above the wishes of the Master
The wishes of the master are suggestions for the submissives behavior

This enabled me to make much more consise and clear rules, and provided much more structure.
Of course there are no rules that go against my will :)  And the cascading enables us to implement the aspect of her 'little (bratty) girl' side. This little must follow the rules, but can decide to not follow the wishes.

Learning how to integrate our own dynamic into our lives as we go along is an exciting experience !

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The past few days I felt like focussing on her asshole. It has been fucked deep and hard, it has collected my cum several times. More then once I got very intense and saw tears rolling down her face. But she took the ass plundering like a good slut.
There was a bug though. She had cum twice without permission a couple of days ago, and allthough I understand those two were difficult to handle, I did not want to let it pass.
The rules are clear:
  • In Masters presence you will ask for permission to cum.
  • If Master orders you to cum, you will do so as fast and as hard as you can.
So subby was set on the edge of the bed and box-tied with soft pink rope. She was collared and nipple clamped and told to stand up. She was lectured shortly, looking down shyly. Then she was forced to cum three times, while her ass was paddled on two small area's. The bright red glow was magnificent.
Then she was unleashed, the chains pushed into her wet hole, her mouth gagged, and the magic wand was set upon her clit. Laying on her own arms for three additional orgasms. I zapped the chain out, sending droplets of her wetness flying through the air. I could see she was exhausted. There was no resistance anymore as I flipped her around and started to fuck the wet cunt from behind.
The legs and red asscheecks wobbling with my pace. 
The "thank you Master" as I seeded her deep inside, made me feel warm and fuzzy, and after untying her I pulled her into my arms to fall asleep.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finishing up

So ... we had some finishing up to do.

Some girl got the chain of the leash in her cunt after being blindfolded.
Then she was paddled on the inside of her tights. Pulled over the bed roughly and repeatedly. That involved deep kissing and smacking her down on the bed.

Then the leash was removed, with a light whimper, and attached to her collar. Only to pull her off off the bed. She was bend over and her ass was severely smacked with a leather strap.

Landing her on her knees, her cunt on top of a dildo, that fucked her fast and deep. More whimpering took place.

Then this girls wrists got cuffed and her throat was fucked for her Masters pleasure. Lots of gagging was involved.

Then her ass was fiercely slapped again and she got fucked doggystyle, and seeded deep in her cunt.

She was helped out of her position and kindly tucked into the duvey. Kissed and cherished for being a realy good girl.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I planned the scene in the afternoon. Both the teens claimed to be out tonight not returning before 2 AM. Yay.
Blindfolded, tying her wrists together, to the headboard, and her ankles to the corner of the bed. Leaving her pussy exposed and open. I pushed some geisha balls in, thinking that would be nice when she was squirming around.
I flogged her ass, starting gently till the soft pink glow started to show.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the left cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the right cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the left cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the right cheek.
Leaving her for a couple of seconds to let the impact sink in... Repeating the 4 strikes untill she said "No Master", and continued anyway. Having her squirm and trying to dodge the impact. Her panting and moaning was delicious and I decided to fill the pauses with magic wand, dildo, fucking and wax.
Wax was a first .. I tested it on myself in the afternoon to check for good distance as the candle was coloured and that could indicate a higher melting temperature. When the first drops hit her back, she shot forward like an animal, yelping. But there was no escape ..
Except for the phone that started ringing. My son was panicking. One of his friends hurt his foot by a broken bottle and they were trying to get home. 
So ... no aftercare for subby, I released her from her bounds, shoved the toys in a bag, grabbed my first aid kit and jumped into my car. It was a little over 3 AM when I finally returned from the emergency room.
Subby was soundly sleeping. Curling up to her I fell asleep a little later... now we will have to start all over again tonight ...


Friday, June 19, 2015

Eat sleep work repeat ...

Past week blurred by. I was behind on reading blogs, but I am good now.

I got triggered by the ladder game ancilla_ksst wrote about. I have several of these, one which I mentioned in the comments. And of course circumstances might be like: being fucked, or penetrated with objects, tied up, blindfolded, tortured with clamps or clothing pins and such

  • Out of the head three second calculations or ... *smack*. Like 13 x 11, or 27 / 6, not realy hard, if you are able to focus ;-)
  • ABC games, where I pick a theme, and she has to comply with words in that theme starting with the given letter.
  • Multiply sequences below 10. 3x1,3x2,3x3,3x4 etc
  • Childrens songs
Missing or wrong answers yield a swat with a cane or implement, whichever is handy.
I would love to know if you have similar enjoyable games ?

Last week was not a lot of kink play, some forced fucks, mind fucks and rough fucks. A little bit of tears, but no impact play, ropes or that kind of stuff ...

Im glad its Friday ;-)

*tapping the tip of the cane onto the table* ...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breaching the wall

Subby was not so pleased with Master, making her wear the vibrating egg, the whole day. Untill the batteries ran out.
He had forgotten about it, and she took it out without permission. An infraction yielding two red asscheecks.

So i found her in bed, grumbling, curled up. Ordering her to open her legs .. licking her pussy. Slapping her ass a couple of times. Using a small vibe, a finger in her ass. Slowly turning her mood from ... 'i will let you'  to the fucking slut that begs ... 'Master .. please .. may i cum'. Putting my foot on her face ... rubbing her faster .. ordering her release.

'How many cocks do you want cunt ?'

'Three Sir!'

Putting my balls on her mouth. Ordering her to lick them while jerking me off on her tits and getting fingered deep to a squirting second orgasm .. then receiving my cum.


Friday, June 12, 2015


I am so liking the new album from MUSE.

Your ass is mine
Yes Sir


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pretty in pink

Some time ago subby explained to me that she felt like there were multiple submissive energies or mindsets that influenced her behavior as a sub.

The first being a dirty perverse cock addicted slut that willingly submits to all inquiries. More slave like. For me to use sexually whenever I like.

The second, a rather young submissive girl, wanting to explore the world and doing girly things, innocently discovering sexuality and service.

I fell silent. A revelation from deep down inside of her, exposing, vulnerable. I realy did not know what to say. But as she was telling the story, I could connect some of the behavioral dots. 
She told me some fantasies about dressing up girly, in pink. Sitting in her room doing girls stuff. She has to write little stories, and make drawings for me. Learn to expand her english vocabulary by reading english books and keeping track of words she learns. And if she misbehaves or fails a test the King will spank her, only with pink implements off course. Pink is her favourite colour.
What is interesting is that although it sounds like roleplay, I dont think it is. It is more mood dependant. It enhances how I interact towards her as a Dominant, adressing more what she needs as a submissive in that mood.
To bad I dont have a pink butt-plug ... yet :-) And making her do simple math while fucking her brains out was ... awesome


Friday, June 5, 2015

19 Random facts (2)

The random facts are spreading like the flu, but hey, they are fun :)

fiona at Sir Q and me has given me the number 18, but I dont like 18, I prefer 19 so here are 19 somewhat rambling random facts about me:

If you comment on this writing I will give you a number between 1 and 20 and you can share that many random facts about you if you wish.  There is no obligation if you don't wish to write about yourself!


1) During a large part of university studies, all financial transactions were converted into amounts of "Cuba Libre" as a kind of currency. I still enjoy BaCo's a lot, but financially the Euro has taken over.
2) I like coocking outdoors. Bought a big green egg 2 years ago, still very happy with that purchase.
3) Besides dogs, I have a 120 gallon freshwater tank downstairs, keeping 16 discus fish. And 7 smaller 15 gallon  breeding tanks upstairs.
4) I still havent bought an new EDC knife. On my first business trip to the US,Portland - Oregon, 17 years ago, I bought an original leatherman. Still in service today. What a tool !
5) Today was the first tropical day of 2015 in the Netherlands .. over 30 degrees celcius. And I do not get a nice suntan ... so I'm in the shade.
6) I never thought I would wear boots one day, but I am realy happy with the pair I bought last week. Good fit, and my submissive likes them a lot. To bad she now has an additional chore: naked boot polishing
7) I never carry cash anymore. I realy have to plan ahead if I need to tip somewhere in cash.
8) In my early twenties I played roleplaying and collectible card games (MtG). Such a nerd :-)
9) I am terrible at sports requiring balls. I dont know ... giving it direction is hopeless.


10) I always hated condoms, gosh, these things are a burden. And yes I used them and teach my kids to use them, but still.
11) We owned quite some toys before ttwd entered our lives, even a very small flogger. I never dared using that on her ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
12) Triggered by Rye at chasing me chasing you: Feeling like a satisfied zombie, due to late night scening, to little sleep, and not yet enough coffee is quite nice.
13) A relationship without oral sex doesn't exist for me. It must be a mutual need. I am training her to comfortably deepthroat me, she keeps claiming i am to big.
14) I am not, my cock is average sized.
15) We started experimenting with golden showers. I feel primal by doing that .. it feels natural even. I do remember, long ago in vanilla days, that it happened in the shower once and that she didn't object ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
16) 50 shades of grey motivated her, to come forth and confront me with those little tell tales in which I resemble mr. Grey. Though I find him repulsive and irresponsible (at least in the movie, never read the books). I did understand what she meant, and asked her if she would like me to set up some rules for her ... and so my quest for becoming a good Dominant started. As well as the evolution into our 24/7 mixed BDSM relationship. Some more details about my Domspace, I wrote up in Midas the Dominant.
17) Blushing is a turn on for me. It is the betrayal of innocence I guess :)
18) I like falling asleep cuddled up, with my cock deep inside her. Does that count as aftercare ?

19) I currently believe that satisfaction is the key to happiness.

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-) and this is the link to former random facts about me.


About a week ago, she showed me a bruise. The first official unintended mark that survived 12 hours. Located on the border off ass-cheek and upper-thigh. I remember .. i hit her there with my fist earlier that week. To make her cum harder, off course.

Later that evening, using the crop, all over her body, when by accident I hit exactly that location. Pillow muffled oooh's and aaaah's yelped  from her mouth. I focussed on that location.

Did I realise I was hitting her on the bruise ?
Why do I like bruisecropping ?

I don't like it for the pain it inflicts, I like it because I see and hear her struggle. If I can't put her on the edge, I am far less satisfied by the scene.

Hmmm *pondering while writing this post*

So its not the fact that she is helpless or surrendered and obeying ? I guess not.

Hmmm *pondering some more*

It is when my cum engulfs her mouth as she sucks my cock deep. And I keep reading on my phone as if nothing happens. And she starts to wonder and doubt, is it right or wrong ? Did he enjoy ? Does he approve ? Does he even notice ?

Hmmm *pondering and rubbing my eyebrows*

I enjoy and get aroused, plotting the cruelty beforehand ...

Hmmm *smirks*

okay, that qualifies as sadist ...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ostrich Power

I was running late, I had just driven to Rotterdam to buy new boots, pick up some cooking gear for the bbq, and I still wanted to buy a new vibrating egg. The current one drains these shitty small batteries within an hours. And I like to mess her up for much longer then that !

I went straight for the dildo and vibrator section, searched for one that kept AAA size (rechargeable) batteries and then browsed around some more. Those signal whips were whispering at me, as were some canes and a dragontail. But I was looking for something else which is very difficult for my sub to cope with.


I used to browse bdsm shop sites and skip this no pain section. The idea of just softly brushing her skin, yuk. But .. as it goes with kink .. I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I had bought some nice nipple clamps with small weights and very pink feathers. And after removing them at the end of a scene, I clamped them on a cane, while she was still tied up. Using the tip of the cane to gently poke her. I started stroking her nipples with the feathers to slowly let her return from subspace. Ran them along her waisteline and all of a sudden the magic happened. She squirmed and moaned something.

"Lie still !!"

Her eyes opened up and I saw her fear, immediately sending me off to Domspace. The ropes holding her pose, I tickled her, smacked her for every move she made, and tickled her more. In minutes she was begging me to stop.

"please Master, I am exploding .. please .. PLEASE .. P L E A S E"

The feathers, continuously running down her inner thighs, over her clit, and back up the other leg. She was biting her lip, frowning her face, fighting the restraints, shaking and shivering.

When I issued the order to cum, tapping her clit with the tip of the cane, I could see her eyes turn into her skull. A deep growling moan as she curled her back off off the bed. I watched her pussy contract, the pale white creamy cum oozing out. By the power of the Ostrich, fuck whips, buy feathers :)

I guess there is more sweet sadist in me then I dare admit ... as I did pass the whips, and bought a black ostrich feather.

The look on her face when I came home yesterday, holding the plastic bag with the feather sticking out of the top. As I took out the new vibrating egg and showed it to her. her eyes kept gleaming at the feather.

I just smiled,
evilly ...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Shaping the rules (2)

Today is review day. The ritual involves several things that are closely linked to us as a couple. The days just before, already some of the talking starts. Mostly reflecting, but also confronting. Staying open, vulnerable and listening is difficult sometimes.
I know she loves me but I need to hear it and vise versa.
One thing hampering the D/s dynamic at times is the 'thought' that got stuck in subby's head long ago: submissive = worth-less.
I absolutely disagree. The submissive is most precious and of great value to Me, the Master. One can not exist without the other. Her submissiveness creates the room for my Dominance.
Rationally she knows, but somehow this thought pattern crept into her heart. Talking about it shows that within the dynamic she has trouble reconfirming her significance. She needs a time out at those moments, which confirms the misconception. We will have to find ways within the dynamic to nip this negative thought pattern in the bud. Discovering what actions trigger the emotions to pop up and deal with it before she drops.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Triple F

A long weekend, a nice and long hot weekend .. flowing from food to flogging to fucking. Cooking outdoors on the ceramic gril. Enjoying good wine, dozing off in the sun.

Putting the vibe in my slut's pussy as she lays in the sun trying to bronze her freaking sexy milky white legs. Telling her she is allowed to cum. Whispering things in her ear. Things like:

"They all want your pussy"
"Let him fuck you"
"Cum harder"

Watching her orgasm .. one .. two .. four .. six .. times
Putting my bare foot on her face, as she lays on the sunbed. Commanding her into the final orgasm ... number seven. I like seven. I dont know why .. its a prime number. These I like. Watching her body convulse. Lifting her skirt pulling the vibe out. I smile as I watch the pussy fluids dripping down ...

"And no .. you are not allowed to wear any panties while grocery shopping"

*evil grin*

It is a long weekend, a nice and long hot weeken...

Friday, May 22, 2015


It crept up on the wall. I didnt notice it at first, and once it was in full sight ... , I hate it when that happens.

I planned a relaxing evening, candles, dimmed lights. Messing a bit with her mind .. telling her to prepare as I threw the magic wand on the bed. Told her to lie face down. I started using the magic wand on her shoulders and neck. Using some light scented oil .. removing all the knots in her shouders. Then using my hands to rub her whole back ... Some more magic wand fun and then falling asleep.

Getting up early, walking the dogs and preparing a sweet breakfast for us. But as I was just finishing up, getting ready to bring everything upstairs, she rushed into the kitchen ???
Subby: "Going to the doctor with the daughter" I argued about the reasons and claimed it was not that urgent, but the appointment was set, etc etc ... So off she went.

I sat at the kitchen table, and ate the breakfast alone. Completely dissapointed, Pissed off. As they returned hours later, the spider had already gotten in plane sight.

image courtesy by

When subby told me "Master, I'm done with your mood. If you want to punish me, just to blow off steam, go ahead" I blocked. I put this thing we do on pause.

I am used to plans being just plans, Getting changed all the time, it is my work ... yet I am bad at handling change of plans when it concerns 'time for the two of us'. Being interupted at such times makes me growl. I just wanted to be nice to her ...

And she was right, it fouls my mood. But I dont want to beat her for it, even if she is willing to do/take that for me. I need to be in control before, not as a result.

I take two lessons away from this, that if the spider shoots across the wall again:

  • I stay in control by bending along the disruption. i.e. "Allthough I think it is not wise to not first have breakfast, and the urgency is not appearant. You will go to the doctor with her now"
  • To ease off my mood, and allow her submission to help me without using pain. I could try a different approach.Dominating her without impact i.e. Letting her fingerfuck herself and cum for me to watch; Have her insert a bad mood plug she can take out only when I am calm again; Tie her up.

Thanks for reading through. This post was on draft a while, changing it, tweaking it with growing insight. I try to refrain from publishing in emotion, that just doesn't work for me.

Any constructive feedback, comments or insights are welcome :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Forbidden fruit

I wanted to share a story about my slut, showing me what a good little dirty girl she can be. Yet this morning at breakfast her somewhat naughty remark had me decide otherwise.
As I cut my croissant, and butterflyed it wide open. Putting some fresh strawberries inside. She smirked at me,

"Looks like You are filling something else with strawberry".

Damm right :)

So .. I put the remaining strawberries in the fridge for an hour. Then, as she wanted to start doing the laundry, it was time.

Yes .. it does look similar. But it tastes so much better ...

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Watching her, handing the dogs over to subby's friend, putting on pale orange nailpolish, dress up all nicely, wearing a vintage dress. Selecting jewellery. Stressing to be on time for her aunts wedding.
All afternoon and evening the sexual energy was slumbering. The rules say no particular submissive behavior is required at family parties. Yet we agreed differently beforehand. I whispered dirty and degrading stuff into her ears. Standing close, making her feel the bulge in my pants. Gently swatting her ass now and then. Could all be considered almost vanilla :)
However, by the time the party was over and we were back home, I wanted her so badly. Ordering her to take of her panties, pull up the dress and spread her legs wide, on the bed. Playing with her cunt, ordering her to orgasm, for me to watch. The vanilla started to dissappear ...
The Hedgehog
Six clothing pins 'landed' on her pussy lips. I jammed the purple dildo in between, deep into her cunt. Added the small vibe on her clit. Her moans and grunts started to sound like music in my ears. I could tell she was having difficulties processing all the inputs. So ... I added one more ...
"You have such a nice cunt ! Use those fingers to pull on these pins and spread it wider !!"
Fucking her deep with the dildo, her juices dripping out, I told her to brace herself. She was panting and whining heavily when I removed the clothing pins. I decided to take her mind elsewhere to mix pain with pleasure. And used the small vibe  to make her all drowsey and begging to cum.
"Master, please .... am I allowed to cum, please ..."
I can not fully describe what happens inside my mind.
Hearing her beg. Leaving her on that edge. Waiting for my approval. Slowly pushing the vibe onto her clit more firmly. Issuing the command:
"CUM !"
But it feels good,
fucking good,
damm it feels good
--- 69 ---
Her pussylips seem bruised now though. The dents were pretty deep. No visual marks remaining yet, but I may have pushed the clamping time to much. So tonight, it will be just a nice long fuck in the ass. *evil grin*

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I think I may need professional help, I am concerned something is wrong with me.
I have said it more then a few times in the past years. My sex drive was through the roof .. it had always been. I felt like continously wanting it. Up to the point where it anoyed even me ... No matter how often I came; not satisfied.
And even though our bedroom activities were far from plain missionary fucking. It gave me release .. but on some level not enough satisfaction.
I was simply afraid of expressing and admitting the need inside of me ... I see that now ...
I need that agonised look.
I need that pale ass turning pink.
I need those gasps.
I need to smack her.
I need to pull her hair.
I need her trust.
I need to see her vulnerable.
I need to bind her with rope,
to bind her with words.
I need to fuck her.
I need to control her orgasms.
I need to stroke her hair.
I need to kiss her gently.
I need to let her know I love her.
I need her head, resting on my chest,
panting, thanking me,
drifting off to sleep.
I need to be Dominant.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Asperges for desert

As I texted I was on my way home, subby send me back a pic, showing me what looked like dinner :)

I gave her a thumbs up as I like the white gold vegetables. Then a second text came in:

subby: "That will yield some pee smelling like aspergus tonight :-)"
Me: "Hehe, well then subby may have an additional asperge for late night desert  }:-)"
subby: "Yippeeeeee"

As I got home, the teasing back and forth continued. We had a rough day (mothersday) which I may write about at a later time, so some light fun was welcome. After she had cum two times, one oral and one fingerfuck, I wanted to try something different for the third orgasm. As I started playing with her nipple I told her to imagine I was playing with her clit instead. Whispering to her what a good little dirty slut she was, I flicked it back and forth .. starting slow but going faster and faster. Then I issued the order to cum hard and fast ... it took two seconds ... before her body responded. Her back arched, legs trembling, panting, moaning, looking at me in agony ... she came !

I love orgasm control ... I love it ... and in this way, I am going to love it even more ...

And when she had goten all fluffy and relaxed, ready to cudlle and crawl up to me, I sadisticaly recalled the text. It was time for the Asperge desert, only this time not with mashed potatoes and peas.

Friday, May 8, 2015

12 Random Facts (1)

I came across some random facts. His slut and tori set out to reveil 12 random facts about themselves. As Im a new Dom on the block in kinky blogland I will follow their traces. So .. 12 random facts. 6 vanilla and 6 kink ... hmm lets see :)
1) I am a foodie but I like my food luke warm. I hate soup which is so hot you cant taste it .. or pizza that burns your mouth .. luke warm brings out so much more taste for me.
2) My day starts with a fresh espresso. Before that i cannot promise any humanity or consideration.
3) I own a onesie, i even wear it ... even for walking the dogs sometimes, when i expect no one to be on the streets yet.
4) I can enjoy doing (almost) nothing, even for days in a row. Especially on holidays ... eat-fuck-sleep-repeat.
5) I love dogs, all through childhood, adolescene and as soon as I settled down from university till now I had at least one dog around :). I currently own three mid size dogs.
6) I like listening and exploring music. The streaming music providers enable this to great extend. Most genres pass by, not so much classical and jazz though, the majority is either (very) dark or progressive.
1) I love the smell of pussy. A lot. Not washing my hands after fingerfucking her in the morning to smell her pussy still, as I drive to work .. hmmm
2) Cumming inside any hole, is so much better then on her skin or face. And cumming together especially when ass fucking her is so nice ... *grin*
3) The despair, agony and bewilderment in her eyes can push me way up high in domspace. Still learning to control myself there. I feel very responsible for anything that happens while playing. Full first aid trained, always researching before trying new things .. control-freak .. me ??
4) I want to learn how to use a single tail whip. Difficult to practise around here though ... *growling*
5) Maybe I am more of a sadist then I dare to admit still. I love slapping her tits, pussy and face. Belts and crops are nice. Yet the feeling of dominance from doing that is no where close to what hapens inside my mind if i hold a cane.
6) On period .. good .. i like that ;) I dont mind if it gets a bit messy. Or very ... hehe

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Flagrant Jelly

Due discipline was the prelude to yesterday nights forgiving anal fuck. Subby sometimes forgets her position, and gets herself in trouble with a ''slightly'' bratty attitude.

I wouln't call it punishment. Punishment would be consequence of a wilfull act against a rule. Discipline is to nudge her back on track.

Blindfolded, gagged, nipples clamped, wrists tied with the rope firmly sunk into her pussylips, kneeling for 10 minutes. Watching her thoughts sink in, slowly. Her legs started trembling. I enjoyed seeing her loose track of  balance and time. Breathing heavily and drooling slightly. I checked on her after 7 minutes. Helped her keep balance a little with my carbon cane pressed against her shoulders. I still wanted to fuck her senseless afterwards, so having her tumbling forward hitting the wall was no option.

After 10 minutes I removed the blindfold and the gag. Untied one wrist and lead her to the bed. Tying her wrists to the headboard. Entering a remote vibe into her pussy. Fingering her clit.

Each time she asked for permission, i stopped the vibe and waited two seconds longer before she was allowed to cum, by 10 seconds .. she was jelly in my hands. I tied her legs as well and fucked her pussy. Her dripping wet delicious cunt.

"You may cum anytime, and when you have, ..."
"I will fuck and cum in your ass"

I love forgiving her like that .. hehe ..

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Shaking my head .. exhaling loudly, as if smoke escapes from my nosethrills. My eyes scanning her skin. Processing every goosebump, little hair and tiny perfect imperfection.
I growl as I aim again. My arm raised high holding the cane. I see the muscles in her face flinch. Her ass cheecks tightening up .. The sounds slowly sliding from my lips
The curves of her ass return as she relaxes a little .. the cane whistles through the air. Hitting the flesh, digging in, drilling the impact into her muscles. Just like a wave they roll over her ass into her legs and lower back.
Her body tries to curl up, as I hear the sounds of her whimpering, enter into my brain. Lifting up the cane. The impact area of the skin seems to ignite in flames.
"s..o.. .. p..r..e..t..t..y"
The cane soars back down, landing in the exact same spot. Her eyes widen as she gasps. The curtains ripple from the drag of the cane. Tears roll down her cheecks.
The muscles in my face lift the edges of my lips into an evil grin. My arm reaches, my hand touches her shoulders. Her lashes slowly opening up .. pupils aimed at me ..
The words, thank you Master, flow through my veins.
Shivers running down my spine.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


  • 6" dildo
  • tie wraps
  • Swiss army knife
  • ben wa balls
Pre-heat your sub with the ben wa balls prior to arriving home from work
Tease her some more in the evening

Act tired and like not to much will happen and all of a sudden zip the tie wraps onto 2 wrists and one ankle.
Remove the ben wa balls, putting them in her mouth.

Over the course of the next 40-50 minutes
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again, and cum again.
Use the knife a little, especially to cut the tie wrap on the ankle, then tie wrap the wrists to the bed and repeat the above process as follows.
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again
Fuck her, allow her to cum, together.
Wait till she thanks you, cut her loose, then fall asleep all cuddled up ...

Last night was wonderful.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shaping the rules (1)

As the current set of rules is one month old, the first full review is planned for tomorrow.

When building them, discussing them and finalising them, on beforehand who knows if the total package will work ? I figured, even though I am perfectionist by nature, that there might be rules that have flaws or even worse .. in practise do no work out beneficially.

I laid out rules in several sections of submissive service and the role of myself, to see what makes Me, subby and us tick. Some things work fine others don't.Already for a few days some pre-discussions took place, I am curious and excited where tomorrows review will lead us.

We have had one scene, ended abruptly, by me. I could tell she panicked after I smacked her cunt in a moment where she didn't expect it. I demanded her to re-open her legs, but looking at her eyes I could tell she was not ok. On top of that we got disturbed by the kids, so aftercare was a bit lousy .. creating a sub-drop.

Some rules in the domestic service area seem to work fine, others don't .. still trying to figure out why, but I guess it was to far stretched to get it first time right, even for a perfectionist like Me ;)

Browsing for some 'good Dom' websites I came across the quote below at evilmonk,
"If thou dost ill, the joy fades, not the pains;
If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains."
      - Benjamin Franklin

Keeping that in mind...

Monday, April 27, 2015


I was in a good mood, while walking through the kitchen to fetch myself a beer. Seriously ? Yes.

I noticed the amount of beers was getting to the low side of what the rules prescribe (minimum 2 available cold beers). So I thought to hint subby to be aware of it ...

Me: "You might need to check on the number of beers in the fridge, it is running low"
subby: "Maybe Master shouldn't drink that much then ..."

She realised she crossed the line, and tried smiling her way out of it.
A really cute and sexy smile.
Very innocent.

But there is no escape.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


I can't entirely recap yesterday evening. I remember subby had obeyed while shopping for groceries, and brought wooden clothing pins back home.

Finding good spots where they don't pop off was a laugh. She claims they actually hurt less then she anticipated. Which is good, cause fucking her with the clothing pins clamped upon her, seeing them swing back and forth, was awesome. She gasped and moaned cumming several times. Oh, and did I mention it was awesome to watch them swing back and forth ?

I do recall rolling her over onto her belly as well. Using my self made crop. Hitting her harshly a couple of times. Then asking her to call out a number between 1 and 10 for each cheek. She choose to be very brave.
I love that feeling of time slowing down as I beat her ass ...Beatitude ... hmm

Gently rubbing her pussy, using the magic wand to notch things up and ordering her to scream into the pillow when cumming. Caressing and kissing her ass. Cuddling up to her to fall asleep.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Pulling the belt out of my pants, feeling the leather slide through my fingers,  she looks at me, desire, to please.

"who's slut are you ?"
"I am your slut, Master"

Making her spread her legs, snapping the belt on her inner tights.
feeling her up, gently smacking her tits, belly, pussy,
harder and rougher.

Licking her clit, sucking it,eating her, devouring her pussy. Groping her tits, she squirms, moans, breaths heavily, asking for permission to cum.

I stop and tell her .. she can when the belt touches her clit. I lift my arm backwards, as if I will hit her hard... She flinches and closes her legs.


Before she has any time to think, she is rolled her over and gets her ass smacked hard.
Ten times.

Turning her onto her back again, OPEN YOUR LEGS !.
She slowly obeys. Then I gently rub her clit with the loop of the belt. CUM !

Her back arches, as she clenches into orgasm. Her fingers digging into the sheets. Moaning, panting, she thanks me.

Pulling her close to suck me deep. She gags on my cock, continuing vigorously.
I love those wet sounds, the coughs, the moans. I tell her she can cum whenever as I start eating her pussy again. And when her pussy contracts for the 5th time, so do my balls, seeding her sexy mouth as I collapse on top of her ....

Monday, April 20, 2015


Just before I started my commute home I texted subby.
"Take off your panties, put the ben wa balls inside, and when I'm home, hand me the panties as soon as you can."
"Yes Master"
"Though wearing them while driving to pick up our son might be a challenge ... but i will try to do my best"
10 minutes later I get the following text
"Roundabouts are fun ! Wheee"
I laughed out loud ...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bath with a view

I sat on the couch when all of a sudden I had a brilliant idea.
"Go prepare me a bath"
All was neatly done, right temperature, towel, my favourite bathing oil. All to rinse off the smell of barbeque from this evenings dinner. I love cooking outdoors, made some nice flatbread with grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, mozarella and reverse seared steak. All tossed onto the grill to melt the cheese and ... food ... anyway ... instead of reading or listening music I ordered her upstairs again .. told her to sit down spread and let me watch her orgasm.
She undressed dipped one foot into the water onto my cock .. her pussylips held widely apart as she flicked her fingers over her clit fast. She came very quickly and as she kissed me goodbye she commented that the show was so short ... 
Wrong .. so wrong ;)
thus ... I ordered her to bend over closely so i could watch and finger her and enjoy my bath with a very sexy view.

My ass is Yours

Her mind was in the right place ...
"Would you like me to dress very sexy after my shower Master ?"
My mind was in the right place ...
Tying her into a gote box tie, messing with the cinches, cuffing her ankles loosely to the loop on her wrists. Ordering her to lie face down on the bed. Enjoying how she struggles to obey, not able to use her hands and arms.
Forcing her hips down roughly, pushing her pussy onto the magic wand. Feeling the vibrations all the way into my hands building up towards the first orgasm, her begging me for approval to cum, and a second .. and a third time ..
Smiling as she squirms while i hold the wand against the end of an 8" dildo. Telling her to enjoy the fucking. Watching her curvy red ass from the occasional slaps. "Cum again now !" ... her body shakes and bucks inside the ropes. 
Biting her ear, hissing, "I am going to fuck and cum in your ass."
"Yes Master, my ass is Yours"
Hearing faint moans as I plundered her ass, there was no escape. Hitting her back with my shirt while fucking that delicious ass faster and faster to finally hold still deep inside. Making her feel how my balls contract and load her with cum.
"Thank you, Master"
After untying her she fell asleep on my chest. Holding her firmly, watching her curves, caressing her hair as the candles died out.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Slowly turning pink

I had to work untill 19:00 yesterday. Comes with the job but when i finally stepped into my car I was happy to text my subby asking if she felt like inserting two vagina balls. She replied she would do later when the kids were taken care off.
As I got home half past eight .. dinner was served and we watched two episodes of modern family. Snuggled up together i was anticipating her to be all wet from internal vibrations ... But she had forgotten to insert them ...

I loved watching her bottom slowly turning pink as i smacked her pale skin with a self made implement. (End of a belt connected to a cane .. more like a riding crop with a long thick heavy leather end). she relaxed into the pain .. soft whimpers and moans .. tapping her everywhere, gentle, harsh, teasing, hard finally becomming unresponsive to my questions i knew she had drifted off.
I took out mr hitachi .. and after allowing her two intense orgasms was time to use my cock and fuck her, face pinned down into the matras, pushing her ass down and fucking her pussy deep and hard till my seed filled up her insides while allowing her to cum once more ...

Goodnight subby ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Kinky World

I allways start to make the first entry or post into any new digital realm by saying the same two words: Hello World, but in this case i'll make an exception.

Hello Kinky World