Monday, May 4, 2015

Flagrant Jelly

Due discipline was the prelude to yesterday nights forgiving anal fuck. Subby sometimes forgets her position, and gets herself in trouble with a ''slightly'' bratty attitude.

I wouln't call it punishment. Punishment would be consequence of a wilfull act against a rule. Discipline is to nudge her back on track.

Blindfolded, gagged, nipples clamped, wrists tied with the rope firmly sunk into her pussylips, kneeling for 10 minutes. Watching her thoughts sink in, slowly. Her legs started trembling. I enjoyed seeing her loose track of  balance and time. Breathing heavily and drooling slightly. I checked on her after 7 minutes. Helped her keep balance a little with my carbon cane pressed against her shoulders. I still wanted to fuck her senseless afterwards, so having her tumbling forward hitting the wall was no option.

After 10 minutes I removed the blindfold and the gag. Untied one wrist and lead her to the bed. Tying her wrists to the headboard. Entering a remote vibe into her pussy. Fingering her clit.

Each time she asked for permission, i stopped the vibe and waited two seconds longer before she was allowed to cum, by 10 seconds .. she was jelly in my hands. I tied her legs as well and fucked her pussy. Her dripping wet delicious cunt.

"You may cum anytime, and when you have, ..."
"I will fuck and cum in your ass"

I love forgiving her like that .. hehe ..


  1. Sometimes that 'discipline' is the greatest thing. Sinking into your submission and thoughts is actually very freeing.

    And I'm sure the follow-up sex was awesome too. :)

    1. Equally great from the other perspective ;)
      And yes .. it was gooood, and the follow-up falling asleep with her head on my chest was very nice as well :)

  2. I agree, sometimes discipline is the greatest thing. "I will fuck and cum in your ass" is words I'm use to hearing. Ass fucking i want but i have issues so unless my body and mind are aligned, it is unenjoyable for me. Sigh.