Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Asperges for desert

As I texted I was on my way home, subby send me back a pic, showing me what looked like dinner :)

I gave her a thumbs up as I like the white gold vegetables. Then a second text came in:

subby: "That will yield some pee smelling like aspergus tonight :-)"
Me: "Hehe, well then subby may have an additional asperge for late night desert  }:-)"
subby: "Yippeeeeee"

As I got home, the teasing back and forth continued. We had a rough day (mothersday) which I may write about at a later time, so some light fun was welcome. After she had cum two times, one oral and one fingerfuck, I wanted to try something different for the third orgasm. As I started playing with her nipple I told her to imagine I was playing with her clit instead. Whispering to her what a good little dirty slut she was, I flicked it back and forth .. starting slow but going faster and faster. Then I issued the order to cum hard and fast ... it took two seconds ... before her body responded. Her back arched, legs trembling, panting, moaning, looking at me in agony ... she came !

I love orgasm control ... I love it ... and in this way, I am going to love it even more ...

And when she had goten all fluffy and relaxed, ready to cudlle and crawl up to me, I sadisticaly recalled the text. It was time for the Asperge desert, only this time not with mashed potatoes and peas.

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