Sunday, May 24, 2015

Triple F

A long weekend, a nice and long hot weekend .. flowing from food to flogging to fucking. Cooking outdoors on the ceramic gril. Enjoying good wine, dozing off in the sun.

Putting the vibe in my slut's pussy as she lays in the sun trying to bronze her freaking sexy milky white legs. Telling her she is allowed to cum. Whispering things in her ear. Things like:

"They all want your pussy"
"Let him fuck you"
"Cum harder"

Watching her orgasm .. one .. two .. four .. six .. times
Putting my bare foot on her face, as she lays on the sunbed. Commanding her into the final orgasm ... number seven. I like seven. I dont know why .. its a prime number. These I like. Watching her body convulse. Lifting her skirt pulling the vibe out. I smile as I watch the pussy fluids dripping down ...

"And no .. you are not allowed to wear any panties while grocery shopping"

*evil grin*

It is a long weekend, a nice and long hot weeken...


  1. It sounds like a great long and nice weekend, jealous of all the orgasms she is getting, i havent had one for weeks lol


    1. I guess each dynamic is different and evolves and changes over time. Currently I like to controll the moment much more then the frequency. I like forcing her to orgasm much more then denying it.

  2. Sounds like a good time.

    Aren't long weekends the most fun. :)

    1. They can be :) yesterday night was a spider moment again. One of the teens was home an hour late .. i was to irritated to 'play' .. :/

      But then having an extra morning can make up for that :)