Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ostrich Power

I was running late, I had just driven to Rotterdam to buy new boots, pick up some cooking gear for the bbq, and I still wanted to buy a new vibrating egg. The current one drains these shitty small batteries within an hours. And I like to mess her up for much longer then that !

I went straight for the dildo and vibrator section, searched for one that kept AAA size (rechargeable) batteries and then browsed around some more. Those signal whips were whispering at me, as were some canes and a dragontail. But I was looking for something else which is very difficult for my sub to cope with.


I used to browse bdsm shop sites and skip this no pain section. The idea of just softly brushing her skin, yuk. But .. as it goes with kink .. I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I had bought some nice nipple clamps with small weights and very pink feathers. And after removing them at the end of a scene, I clamped them on a cane, while she was still tied up. Using the tip of the cane to gently poke her. I started stroking her nipples with the feathers to slowly let her return from subspace. Ran them along her waisteline and all of a sudden the magic happened. She squirmed and moaned something.

"Lie still !!"

Her eyes opened up and I saw her fear, immediately sending me off to Domspace. The ropes holding her pose, I tickled her, smacked her for every move she made, and tickled her more. In minutes she was begging me to stop.

"please Master, I am exploding .. please .. PLEASE .. P L E A S E"

The feathers, continuously running down her inner thighs, over her clit, and back up the other leg. She was biting her lip, frowning her face, fighting the restraints, shaking and shivering.

When I issued the order to cum, tapping her clit with the tip of the cane, I could see her eyes turn into her skull. A deep growling moan as she curled her back off off the bed. I watched her pussy contract, the pale white creamy cum oozing out. By the power of the Ostrich, fuck whips, buy feathers :)

I guess there is more sweet sadist in me then I dare admit ... as I did pass the whips, and bought a black ostrich feather.

The look on her face when I came home yesterday, holding the plastic bag with the feather sticking out of the top. As I took out the new vibrating egg and showed it to her. her eyes kept gleaming at the feather.

I just smiled,
evilly ...


  1. OH you ARE a sadist! It is hilarious what you THINK ttwd is all about and then what it ends up being about for YOU. You are so observe and follow your partner...but to also indulge in what you want as well.

    hugs and happy tickling.

    1. Indulging .. thats what I like a lot .. indeed :)
      Thanks !

  2. i hate, hate feathers/tickling....give me the whip any day over feathers lol

    vibrating eggs are cool, the combination of both together..yeah hot.

    I think its important to be in tune to one another, both getting something out of it.

    1. Totally agree. It is indeed a balance. Which ways of humiliation/torture inflict which responses and does that feed back satisfaction for both? (Pleasure seems not to be the right word :) )