Friday, May 29, 2015

Shaping the rules (2)

Today is review day. The ritual involves several things that are closely linked to us as a couple. The days just before, already some of the talking starts. Mostly reflecting, but also confronting. Staying open, vulnerable and listening is difficult sometimes.
I know she loves me but I need to hear it and vise versa.
One thing hampering the D/s dynamic at times is the 'thought' that got stuck in subby's head long ago: submissive = worth-less.
I absolutely disagree. The submissive is most precious and of great value to Me, the Master. One can not exist without the other. Her submissiveness creates the room for my Dominance.
Rationally she knows, but somehow this thought pattern crept into her heart. Talking about it shows that within the dynamic she has trouble reconfirming her significance. She needs a time out at those moments, which confirms the misconception. We will have to find ways within the dynamic to nip this negative thought pattern in the bud. Discovering what actions trigger the emotions to pop up and deal with it before she drops.


  1. My Master has given me mantras to say, and even written them on me at times.

    1. Thanks. Mantras are a good suggestion. We talked quite a lot past days. I think I have a good view on how the misconception was formed, That makes a mantra much more effective, aiming at the root :)