Friday, May 8, 2015

12 Random Facts (1)

I came across some random facts. His slut and tori set out to reveil 12 random facts about themselves. As Im a new Dom on the block in kinky blogland I will follow their traces. So .. 12 random facts. 6 vanilla and 6 kink ... hmm lets see :)
1) I am a foodie but I like my food luke warm. I hate soup which is so hot you cant taste it .. or pizza that burns your mouth .. luke warm brings out so much more taste for me.
2) My day starts with a fresh espresso. Before that i cannot promise any humanity or consideration.
3) I own a onesie, i even wear it ... even for walking the dogs sometimes, when i expect no one to be on the streets yet.
4) I can enjoy doing (almost) nothing, even for days in a row. Especially on holidays ... eat-fuck-sleep-repeat.
5) I love dogs, all through childhood, adolescene and as soon as I settled down from university till now I had at least one dog around :). I currently own three mid size dogs.
6) I like listening and exploring music. The streaming music providers enable this to great extend. Most genres pass by, not so much classical and jazz though, the majority is either (very) dark or progressive.
1) I love the smell of pussy. A lot. Not washing my hands after fingerfucking her in the morning to smell her pussy still, as I drive to work .. hmmm
2) Cumming inside any hole, is so much better then on her skin or face. And cumming together especially when ass fucking her is so nice ... *grin*
3) The despair, agony and bewilderment in her eyes can push me way up high in domspace. Still learning to control myself there. I feel very responsible for anything that happens while playing. Full first aid trained, always researching before trying new things .. control-freak .. me ??
4) I want to learn how to use a single tail whip. Difficult to practise around here though ... *growling*
5) Maybe I am more of a sadist then I dare to admit still. I love slapping her tits, pussy and face. Belts and crops are nice. Yet the feeling of dominance from doing that is no where close to what hapens inside my mind if i hold a cane.
6) On period .. good .. i like that ;) I dont mind if it gets a bit messy. Or very ... hehe

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-)


  1. What kinds of dogs? We have 7 Australian Shepherds right now.

    1. A dutch sheepdog, and two lagotti. Maybe if ever we own a realy big house with more space around it, id like to care for a couple of Irish Wolfhounds .. *dreaming*

  2. You are a control freak. You are responsible for all that happens in play, except her lack of communication (if ir occurs). It's why subs have the ability to let go, as you are to keep her safe. All your research, prep, awareness, etc makes you a good Dom.

    I have a feeling i would very much enjoy your playlists.

    1. You are not! Sorry, missed an essential word.

    2. Lets see ... ttwd playlist ; )
      dEUS - Roses
      Dream Theatre - Finally Free (scene 9)
      Bad Religion - Generator
      Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freaky
      N.E.R.D. - Tape You
      Muse - Bliss
      N.I.N. - Something I Can Never Have

      Which ones are new for you ?
      Enjoy :)

  3. Great list, oh the single tail is yummy..definitely recommend it.

    Control freak? nope, like his slut said, it shows responsibility and that can never be focused on enough.

    1. Yeah .. I think I would enjoy a single tail quite a lot, once I could wield it with precision.

  4. Just found your blog...So excited. Great list! Thanks for sharing. Master and I have almost always owned dogs. LOVE THEM! Bigger for me is better...hmmmm that could apply to so many things...nope - just talking about the dogs :)

    You sound like a very consciences Master...That's not being a control freak...just being responsible.