Saturday, May 2, 2015


Shaking my head .. exhaling loudly, as if smoke escapes from my nosethrills. My eyes scanning her skin. Processing every goosebump, little hair and tiny perfect imperfection.
I growl as I aim again. My arm raised high holding the cane. I see the muscles in her face flinch. Her ass cheecks tightening up .. The sounds slowly sliding from my lips
The curves of her ass return as she relaxes a little .. the cane whistles through the air. Hitting the flesh, digging in, drilling the impact into her muscles. Just like a wave they roll over her ass into her legs and lower back.
Her body tries to curl up, as I hear the sounds of her whimpering, enter into my brain. Lifting up the cane. The impact area of the skin seems to ignite in flames.
"s..o.. .. p..r..e..t..t..y"
The cane soars back down, landing in the exact same spot. Her eyes widen as she gasps. The curtains ripple from the drag of the cane. Tears roll down her cheecks.
The muscles in my face lift the edges of my lips into an evil grin. My arm reaches, my hand touches her shoulders. Her lashes slowly opening up .. pupils aimed at me ..
The words, thank you Master, flow through my veins.
Shivers running down my spine.

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