Thursday, May 14, 2015


I think I may need professional help, I am concerned something is wrong with me.
I have said it more then a few times in the past years. My sex drive was through the roof .. it had always been. I felt like continously wanting it. Up to the point where it anoyed even me ... No matter how often I came; not satisfied.
And even though our bedroom activities were far from plain missionary fucking. It gave me release .. but on some level not enough satisfaction.
I was simply afraid of expressing and admitting the need inside of me ... I see that now ...
I need that agonised look.
I need that pale ass turning pink.
I need those gasps.
I need to smack her.
I need to pull her hair.
I need her trust.
I need to see her vulnerable.
I need to bind her with rope,
to bind her with words.
I need to fuck her.
I need to control her orgasms.
I need to stroke her hair.
I need to kiss her gently.
I need to let her know I love her.
I need her head, resting on my chest,
panting, thanking me,
drifting off to sleep.
I need to be Dominant.


  1. This is great. You can change your list to say "I need to give you...." and that would be me.

    Glad you found what gives you satisfaction.

  2. Thanks, before ... I had never thought that it could also be a need ... both from the submissive as well as the Dominant point of view. Reading a lot (also your blog) has given much insight and has been very helpful in the transition.

  3. This made me chuckle, in a nice way..if you need professional help so do i....actually i think im beyond help lol

    1. Thanks; Hehe .. well I dont think something is wrong with me anymore in that sense ... :)

  4. i love this. It's so lovely to hear familiar yearning from the other (and sadly less well represented, at least in blogland) side of the slash.

    no professional help needed, at least in this humble opinion ;)


    1. Thank you for reading. And with respect to the professional help not being needed ...
      Anyone willing to have her wrist chained to an oven proclaiming such .. has to be right ;)

      It is because I found blogs, of real people, trying and achieving to combine and integrate D/s dynamic into their lives .. that I started to feel less strange.

  5. If you do need professional help as a result of your aforementioned needs, please see if the therapist has a two for one special, as I am in need of professional help as well...

    All kidding aside, we Doms crave and yearn just as much as subs do, hell, maybe even more so. Last week my sub was sick so we had a few nights where we had nothing, not even vanilla sex. Each passing day I felt those cravings become more and more intense; I needed her in good ways as well as in ways some might consider to be bad. She has been over my knees, bare assed raised and presented to me, numerous time since she has gotten better and...well, it is all good, but I always want....more.