Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shaping the rules (3)

Yesterday it was the 29th, our monthly review and evaluation day. I like the ritual feeling of this day. In the end no rules or wishes changed. Some changes in the sub-check-list.

Generally lots of thoughts flow through my mind that try to reflect how I see the dynamic and all the aspects within our relationship.

Last time I changed the contract around. I split it in three parts.
1) The general contract defining how the dynamic is set up. Who is submissive, who is the Dominant which responsibilities there are, including things like this monthly review, safewords and the sub-check list. How emergencies can break the contract, all essential basics, but no behavioral descriptions.
2) The rules
3) The wishes of the Dominant

Within the 1st part is is also described how these relate to each other:

The contract goes above the rules
The rules go above the will of the submissive and Master
The will of the Master goes above the will of the submissive
The will of the submissive goes above the wishes of the Master
The wishes of the master are suggestions for the submissives behavior

This enabled me to make much more consise and clear rules, and provided much more structure.
Of course there are no rules that go against my will :)  And the cascading enables us to implement the aspect of her 'little (bratty) girl' side. This little must follow the rules, but can decide to not follow the wishes.

Learning how to integrate our own dynamic into our lives as we go along is an exciting experience !

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The past few days I felt like focussing on her asshole. It has been fucked deep and hard, it has collected my cum several times. More then once I got very intense and saw tears rolling down her face. But she took the ass plundering like a good slut.
There was a bug though. She had cum twice without permission a couple of days ago, and allthough I understand those two were difficult to handle, I did not want to let it pass.
The rules are clear:
  • In Masters presence you will ask for permission to cum.
  • If Master orders you to cum, you will do so as fast and as hard as you can.
So subby was set on the edge of the bed and box-tied with soft pink rope. She was collared and nipple clamped and told to stand up. She was lectured shortly, looking down shyly. Then she was forced to cum three times, while her ass was paddled on two small area's. The bright red glow was magnificent.
Then she was unleashed, the chains pushed into her wet hole, her mouth gagged, and the magic wand was set upon her clit. Laying on her own arms for three additional orgasms. I zapped the chain out, sending droplets of her wetness flying through the air. I could see she was exhausted. There was no resistance anymore as I flipped her around and started to fuck the wet cunt from behind.
The legs and red asscheecks wobbling with my pace. 
The "thank you Master" as I seeded her deep inside, made me feel warm and fuzzy, and after untying her I pulled her into my arms to fall asleep.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finishing up

So ... we had some finishing up to do.

Some girl got the chain of the leash in her cunt after being blindfolded.
Then she was paddled on the inside of her tights. Pulled over the bed roughly and repeatedly. That involved deep kissing and smacking her down on the bed.

Then the leash was removed, with a light whimper, and attached to her collar. Only to pull her off off the bed. She was bend over and her ass was severely smacked with a leather strap.

Landing her on her knees, her cunt on top of a dildo, that fucked her fast and deep. More whimpering took place.

Then this girls wrists got cuffed and her throat was fucked for her Masters pleasure. Lots of gagging was involved.

Then her ass was fiercely slapped again and she got fucked doggystyle, and seeded deep in her cunt.

She was helped out of her position and kindly tucked into the duvey. Kissed and cherished for being a realy good girl.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I planned the scene in the afternoon. Both the teens claimed to be out tonight not returning before 2 AM. Yay.
Blindfolded, tying her wrists together, to the headboard, and her ankles to the corner of the bed. Leaving her pussy exposed and open. I pushed some geisha balls in, thinking that would be nice when she was squirming around.
I flogged her ass, starting gently till the soft pink glow started to show.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the left cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the right cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the left cheek.
"Are you ready ?" - "Yes Master" - smacking the flogger onto the right cheek.
Leaving her for a couple of seconds to let the impact sink in... Repeating the 4 strikes untill she said "No Master", and continued anyway. Having her squirm and trying to dodge the impact. Her panting and moaning was delicious and I decided to fill the pauses with magic wand, dildo, fucking and wax.
Wax was a first .. I tested it on myself in the afternoon to check for good distance as the candle was coloured and that could indicate a higher melting temperature. When the first drops hit her back, she shot forward like an animal, yelping. But there was no escape ..
Except for the phone that started ringing. My son was panicking. One of his friends hurt his foot by a broken bottle and they were trying to get home. 
So ... no aftercare for subby, I released her from her bounds, shoved the toys in a bag, grabbed my first aid kit and jumped into my car. It was a little over 3 AM when I finally returned from the emergency room.
Subby was soundly sleeping. Curling up to her I fell asleep a little later... now we will have to start all over again tonight ...


Friday, June 19, 2015

Eat sleep work repeat ...

Past week blurred by. I was behind on reading blogs, but I am good now.

I got triggered by the ladder game ancilla_ksst wrote about. I have several of these, one which I mentioned in the comments. And of course circumstances might be like: being fucked, or penetrated with objects, tied up, blindfolded, tortured with clamps or clothing pins and such

  • Out of the head three second calculations or ... *smack*. Like 13 x 11, or 27 / 6, not realy hard, if you are able to focus ;-)
  • ABC games, where I pick a theme, and she has to comply with words in that theme starting with the given letter.
  • Multiply sequences below 10. 3x1,3x2,3x3,3x4 etc
  • Childrens songs
Missing or wrong answers yield a swat with a cane or implement, whichever is handy.
I would love to know if you have similar enjoyable games ?

Last week was not a lot of kink play, some forced fucks, mind fucks and rough fucks. A little bit of tears, but no impact play, ropes or that kind of stuff ...

Im glad its Friday ;-)

*tapping the tip of the cane onto the table* ...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breaching the wall

Subby was not so pleased with Master, making her wear the vibrating egg, the whole day. Untill the batteries ran out.
He had forgotten about it, and she took it out without permission. An infraction yielding two red asscheecks.

So i found her in bed, grumbling, curled up. Ordering her to open her legs .. licking her pussy. Slapping her ass a couple of times. Using a small vibe, a finger in her ass. Slowly turning her mood from ... 'i will let you'  to the fucking slut that begs ... 'Master .. please .. may i cum'. Putting my foot on her face ... rubbing her faster .. ordering her release.

'How many cocks do you want cunt ?'

'Three Sir!'

Putting my balls on her mouth. Ordering her to lick them while jerking me off on her tits and getting fingered deep to a squirting second orgasm .. then receiving my cum.


Friday, June 12, 2015


I am so liking the new album from MUSE.

Your ass is mine
Yes Sir


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pretty in pink

Some time ago subby explained to me that she felt like there were multiple submissive energies or mindsets that influenced her behavior as a sub.

The first being a dirty perverse cock addicted slut that willingly submits to all inquiries. More slave like. For me to use sexually whenever I like.

The second, a rather young submissive girl, wanting to explore the world and doing girly things, innocently discovering sexuality and service.

I fell silent. A revelation from deep down inside of her, exposing, vulnerable. I realy did not know what to say. But as she was telling the story, I could connect some of the behavioral dots. 
She told me some fantasies about dressing up girly, in pink. Sitting in her room doing girls stuff. She has to write little stories, and make drawings for me. Learn to expand her english vocabulary by reading english books and keeping track of words she learns. And if she misbehaves or fails a test the King will spank her, only with pink implements off course. Pink is her favourite colour.
What is interesting is that although it sounds like roleplay, I dont think it is. It is more mood dependant. It enhances how I interact towards her as a Dominant, adressing more what she needs as a submissive in that mood.
To bad I dont have a pink butt-plug ... yet :-) And making her do simple math while fucking her brains out was ... awesome


Friday, June 5, 2015

19 Random facts (2)

The random facts are spreading like the flu, but hey, they are fun :)

fiona at Sir Q and me has given me the number 18, but I dont like 18, I prefer 19 so here are 19 somewhat rambling random facts about me:

If you comment on this writing I will give you a number between 1 and 20 and you can share that many random facts about you if you wish.  There is no obligation if you don't wish to write about yourself!


1) During a large part of university studies, all financial transactions were converted into amounts of "Cuba Libre" as a kind of currency. I still enjoy BaCo's a lot, but financially the Euro has taken over.
2) I like coocking outdoors. Bought a big green egg 2 years ago, still very happy with that purchase.
3) Besides dogs, I have a 120 gallon freshwater tank downstairs, keeping 16 discus fish. And 7 smaller 15 gallon  breeding tanks upstairs.
4) I still havent bought an new EDC knife. On my first business trip to the US,Portland - Oregon, 17 years ago, I bought an original leatherman. Still in service today. What a tool !
5) Today was the first tropical day of 2015 in the Netherlands .. over 30 degrees celcius. And I do not get a nice suntan ... so I'm in the shade.
6) I never thought I would wear boots one day, but I am realy happy with the pair I bought last week. Good fit, and my submissive likes them a lot. To bad she now has an additional chore: naked boot polishing
7) I never carry cash anymore. I realy have to plan ahead if I need to tip somewhere in cash.
8) In my early twenties I played roleplaying and collectible card games (MtG). Such a nerd :-)
9) I am terrible at sports requiring balls. I dont know ... giving it direction is hopeless.


10) I always hated condoms, gosh, these things are a burden. And yes I used them and teach my kids to use them, but still.
11) We owned quite some toys before ttwd entered our lives, even a very small flogger. I never dared using that on her ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
12) Triggered by Rye at chasing me chasing you: Feeling like a satisfied zombie, due to late night scening, to little sleep, and not yet enough coffee is quite nice.
13) A relationship without oral sex doesn't exist for me. It must be a mutual need. I am training her to comfortably deepthroat me, she keeps claiming i am to big.
14) I am not, my cock is average sized.
15) We started experimenting with golden showers. I feel primal by doing that .. it feels natural even. I do remember, long ago in vanilla days, that it happened in the shower once and that she didn't object ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
16) 50 shades of grey motivated her, to come forth and confront me with those little tell tales in which I resemble mr. Grey. Though I find him repulsive and irresponsible (at least in the movie, never read the books). I did understand what she meant, and asked her if she would like me to set up some rules for her ... and so my quest for becoming a good Dominant started. As well as the evolution into our 24/7 mixed BDSM relationship. Some more details about my Domspace, I wrote up in Midas the Dominant.
17) Blushing is a turn on for me. It is the betrayal of innocence I guess :)
18) I like falling asleep cuddled up, with my cock deep inside her. Does that count as aftercare ?

19) I currently believe that satisfaction is the key to happiness.

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-) and this is the link to former random facts about me.


About a week ago, she showed me a bruise. The first official unintended mark that survived 12 hours. Located on the border off ass-cheek and upper-thigh. I remember .. i hit her there with my fist earlier that week. To make her cum harder, off course.

Later that evening, using the crop, all over her body, when by accident I hit exactly that location. Pillow muffled oooh's and aaaah's yelped  from her mouth. I focussed on that location.

Did I realise I was hitting her on the bruise ?
Why do I like bruisecropping ?

I don't like it for the pain it inflicts, I like it because I see and hear her struggle. If I can't put her on the edge, I am far less satisfied by the scene.

Hmmm *pondering while writing this post*

So its not the fact that she is helpless or surrendered and obeying ? I guess not.

Hmmm *pondering some more*

It is when my cum engulfs her mouth as she sucks my cock deep. And I keep reading on my phone as if nothing happens. And she starts to wonder and doubt, is it right or wrong ? Did he enjoy ? Does he approve ? Does he even notice ?

Hmmm *pondering and rubbing my eyebrows*

I enjoy and get aroused, plotting the cruelty beforehand ...

Hmmm *smirks*

okay, that qualifies as sadist ...