Friday, June 19, 2015

Eat sleep work repeat ...

Past week blurred by. I was behind on reading blogs, but I am good now.

I got triggered by the ladder game ancilla_ksst wrote about. I have several of these, one which I mentioned in the comments. And of course circumstances might be like: being fucked, or penetrated with objects, tied up, blindfolded, tortured with clamps or clothing pins and such

  • Out of the head three second calculations or ... *smack*. Like 13 x 11, or 27 / 6, not realy hard, if you are able to focus ;-)
  • ABC games, where I pick a theme, and she has to comply with words in that theme starting with the given letter.
  • Multiply sequences below 10. 3x1,3x2,3x3,3x4 etc
  • Childrens songs
Missing or wrong answers yield a swat with a cane or implement, whichever is handy.
I would love to know if you have similar enjoyable games ?

Last week was not a lot of kink play, some forced fucks, mind fucks and rough fucks. A little bit of tears, but no impact play, ropes or that kind of stuff ...

Im glad its Friday ;-)

*tapping the tip of the cane onto the table* ...

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