Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finishing up

So ... we had some finishing up to do.

Some girl got the chain of the leash in her cunt after being blindfolded.
Then she was paddled on the inside of her tights. Pulled over the bed roughly and repeatedly. That involved deep kissing and smacking her down on the bed.

Then the leash was removed, with a light whimper, and attached to her collar. Only to pull her off off the bed. She was bend over and her ass was severely smacked with a leather strap.

Landing her on her knees, her cunt on top of a dildo, that fucked her fast and deep. More whimpering took place.

Then this girls wrists got cuffed and her throat was fucked for her Masters pleasure. Lots of gagging was involved.

Then her ass was fiercely slapped again and she got fucked doggystyle, and seeded deep in her cunt.

She was helped out of her position and kindly tucked into the duvey. Kissed and cherished for being a realy good girl.


  1. As your finishing catching up with the reading lol

    A very hot time, i love being throat fucked, ok there isnt a lot i dont love lol


    1. We are still discovering lots of things in our dynamic. There is not a lot I didnt like so far :) Wax play was sooo nice :)