Friday, June 5, 2015

19 Random facts (2)

The random facts are spreading like the flu, but hey, they are fun :)

fiona at Sir Q and me has given me the number 18, but I dont like 18, I prefer 19 so here are 19 somewhat rambling random facts about me:

If you comment on this writing I will give you a number between 1 and 20 and you can share that many random facts about you if you wish.  There is no obligation if you don't wish to write about yourself!


1) During a large part of university studies, all financial transactions were converted into amounts of "Cuba Libre" as a kind of currency. I still enjoy BaCo's a lot, but financially the Euro has taken over.
2) I like coocking outdoors. Bought a big green egg 2 years ago, still very happy with that purchase.
3) Besides dogs, I have a 120 gallon freshwater tank downstairs, keeping 16 discus fish. And 7 smaller 15 gallon  breeding tanks upstairs.
4) I still havent bought an new EDC knife. On my first business trip to the US,Portland - Oregon, 17 years ago, I bought an original leatherman. Still in service today. What a tool !
5) Today was the first tropical day of 2015 in the Netherlands .. over 30 degrees celcius. And I do not get a nice suntan ... so I'm in the shade.
6) I never thought I would wear boots one day, but I am realy happy with the pair I bought last week. Good fit, and my submissive likes them a lot. To bad she now has an additional chore: naked boot polishing
7) I never carry cash anymore. I realy have to plan ahead if I need to tip somewhere in cash.
8) In my early twenties I played roleplaying and collectible card games (MtG). Such a nerd :-)
9) I am terrible at sports requiring balls. I dont know ... giving it direction is hopeless.


10) I always hated condoms, gosh, these things are a burden. And yes I used them and teach my kids to use them, but still.
11) We owned quite some toys before ttwd entered our lives, even a very small flogger. I never dared using that on her ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
12) Triggered by Rye at chasing me chasing you: Feeling like a satisfied zombie, due to late night scening, to little sleep, and not yet enough coffee is quite nice.
13) A relationship without oral sex doesn't exist for me. It must be a mutual need. I am training her to comfortably deepthroat me, she keeps claiming i am to big.
14) I am not, my cock is average sized.
15) We started experimenting with golden showers. I feel primal by doing that .. it feels natural even. I do remember, long ago in vanilla days, that it happened in the shower once and that she didn't object ... I was such a fool ... hehe.
16) 50 shades of grey motivated her, to come forth and confront me with those little tell tales in which I resemble mr. Grey. Though I find him repulsive and irresponsible (at least in the movie, never read the books). I did understand what she meant, and asked her if she would like me to set up some rules for her ... and so my quest for becoming a good Dominant started. As well as the evolution into our 24/7 mixed BDSM relationship. Some more details about my Domspace, I wrote up in Midas the Dominant.
17) Blushing is a turn on for me. It is the betrayal of innocence I guess :)
18) I like falling asleep cuddled up, with my cock deep inside her. Does that count as aftercare ?

19) I currently believe that satisfaction is the key to happiness.

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-) and this is the link to former random facts about me.


  1. My Master also has fish. He has a tank of cichlids, African I think, yellow and blue ones, that regularly spawn little babies. We are on the second generation now.

    1. Lets see, five would make a nice number for you. But dont feel obligated.

      My fish are cichlids too (amazone) , lots of work, but beautiful to watch. Even the dogs sometimes watch them :)

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I never carry cash either. Like you we had many many toys prior to anything official. I don't know if we were ever truly "vanilla". I think while 50 Shades had issues, for a lot of women it gave them a forum to discuss their non-traditional thoughts or fantasies with their spouses and opened many doors.


    1. It is like playing tag huh, lets see, three elaborate ones would make a nice number for you. But dont feel obligated.

      The strange thing is .. there were many books before, and movies or series that contain kink/ bdsm. I didnt understand the attention and hype these books got.