Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ostrich Power

I was running late, I had just driven to Rotterdam to buy new boots, pick up some cooking gear for the bbq, and I still wanted to buy a new vibrating egg. The current one drains these shitty small batteries within an hours. And I like to mess her up for much longer then that !

I went straight for the dildo and vibrator section, searched for one that kept AAA size (rechargeable) batteries and then browsed around some more. Those signal whips were whispering at me, as were some canes and a dragontail. But I was looking for something else which is very difficult for my sub to cope with.


I used to browse bdsm shop sites and skip this no pain section. The idea of just softly brushing her skin, yuk. But .. as it goes with kink .. I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I had bought some nice nipple clamps with small weights and very pink feathers. And after removing them at the end of a scene, I clamped them on a cane, while she was still tied up. Using the tip of the cane to gently poke her. I started stroking her nipples with the feathers to slowly let her return from subspace. Ran them along her waisteline and all of a sudden the magic happened. She squirmed and moaned something.

"Lie still !!"

Her eyes opened up and I saw her fear, immediately sending me off to Domspace. The ropes holding her pose, I tickled her, smacked her for every move she made, and tickled her more. In minutes she was begging me to stop.

"please Master, I am exploding .. please .. PLEASE .. P L E A S E"

The feathers, continuously running down her inner thighs, over her clit, and back up the other leg. She was biting her lip, frowning her face, fighting the restraints, shaking and shivering.

When I issued the order to cum, tapping her clit with the tip of the cane, I could see her eyes turn into her skull. A deep growling moan as she curled her back off off the bed. I watched her pussy contract, the pale white creamy cum oozing out. By the power of the Ostrich, fuck whips, buy feathers :)

I guess there is more sweet sadist in me then I dare admit ... as I did pass the whips, and bought a black ostrich feather.

The look on her face when I came home yesterday, holding the plastic bag with the feather sticking out of the top. As I took out the new vibrating egg and showed it to her. her eyes kept gleaming at the feather.

I just smiled,
evilly ...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Shaping the rules (2)

Today is review day. The ritual involves several things that are closely linked to us as a couple. The days just before, already some of the talking starts. Mostly reflecting, but also confronting. Staying open, vulnerable and listening is difficult sometimes.
I know she loves me but I need to hear it and vise versa.
One thing hampering the D/s dynamic at times is the 'thought' that got stuck in subby's head long ago: submissive = worth-less.
I absolutely disagree. The submissive is most precious and of great value to Me, the Master. One can not exist without the other. Her submissiveness creates the room for my Dominance.
Rationally she knows, but somehow this thought pattern crept into her heart. Talking about it shows that within the dynamic she has trouble reconfirming her significance. She needs a time out at those moments, which confirms the misconception. We will have to find ways within the dynamic to nip this negative thought pattern in the bud. Discovering what actions trigger the emotions to pop up and deal with it before she drops.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Triple F

A long weekend, a nice and long hot weekend .. flowing from food to flogging to fucking. Cooking outdoors on the ceramic gril. Enjoying good wine, dozing off in the sun.

Putting the vibe in my slut's pussy as she lays in the sun trying to bronze her freaking sexy milky white legs. Telling her she is allowed to cum. Whispering things in her ear. Things like:

"They all want your pussy"
"Let him fuck you"
"Cum harder"

Watching her orgasm .. one .. two .. four .. six .. times
Putting my bare foot on her face, as she lays on the sunbed. Commanding her into the final orgasm ... number seven. I like seven. I dont know why .. its a prime number. These I like. Watching her body convulse. Lifting her skirt pulling the vibe out. I smile as I watch the pussy fluids dripping down ...

"And no .. you are not allowed to wear any panties while grocery shopping"

*evil grin*

It is a long weekend, a nice and long hot weeken...

Friday, May 22, 2015


It crept up on the wall. I didnt notice it at first, and once it was in full sight ... , I hate it when that happens.

I planned a relaxing evening, candles, dimmed lights. Messing a bit with her mind .. telling her to prepare as I threw the magic wand on the bed. Told her to lie face down. I started using the magic wand on her shoulders and neck. Using some light scented oil .. removing all the knots in her shouders. Then using my hands to rub her whole back ... Some more magic wand fun and then falling asleep.

Getting up early, walking the dogs and preparing a sweet breakfast for us. But as I was just finishing up, getting ready to bring everything upstairs, she rushed into the kitchen ???
Subby: "Going to the doctor with the daughter" I argued about the reasons and claimed it was not that urgent, but the appointment was set, etc etc ... So off she went.

I sat at the kitchen table, and ate the breakfast alone. Completely dissapointed, Pissed off. As they returned hours later, the spider had already gotten in plane sight.

image courtesy by

When subby told me "Master, I'm done with your mood. If you want to punish me, just to blow off steam, go ahead" I blocked. I put this thing we do on pause.

I am used to plans being just plans, Getting changed all the time, it is my work ... yet I am bad at handling change of plans when it concerns 'time for the two of us'. Being interupted at such times makes me growl. I just wanted to be nice to her ...

And she was right, it fouls my mood. But I dont want to beat her for it, even if she is willing to do/take that for me. I need to be in control before, not as a result.

I take two lessons away from this, that if the spider shoots across the wall again:

  • I stay in control by bending along the disruption. i.e. "Allthough I think it is not wise to not first have breakfast, and the urgency is not appearant. You will go to the doctor with her now"
  • To ease off my mood, and allow her submission to help me without using pain. I could try a different approach.Dominating her without impact i.e. Letting her fingerfuck herself and cum for me to watch; Have her insert a bad mood plug she can take out only when I am calm again; Tie her up.

Thanks for reading through. This post was on draft a while, changing it, tweaking it with growing insight. I try to refrain from publishing in emotion, that just doesn't work for me.

Any constructive feedback, comments or insights are welcome :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Forbidden fruit

I wanted to share a story about my slut, showing me what a good little dirty girl she can be. Yet this morning at breakfast her somewhat naughty remark had me decide otherwise.
As I cut my croissant, and butterflyed it wide open. Putting some fresh strawberries inside. She smirked at me,

"Looks like You are filling something else with strawberry".

Damm right :)

So .. I put the remaining strawberries in the fridge for an hour. Then, as she wanted to start doing the laundry, it was time.

Yes .. it does look similar. But it tastes so much better ...

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Watching her, handing the dogs over to subby's friend, putting on pale orange nailpolish, dress up all nicely, wearing a vintage dress. Selecting jewellery. Stressing to be on time for her aunts wedding.
All afternoon and evening the sexual energy was slumbering. The rules say no particular submissive behavior is required at family parties. Yet we agreed differently beforehand. I whispered dirty and degrading stuff into her ears. Standing close, making her feel the bulge in my pants. Gently swatting her ass now and then. Could all be considered almost vanilla :)
However, by the time the party was over and we were back home, I wanted her so badly. Ordering her to take of her panties, pull up the dress and spread her legs wide, on the bed. Playing with her cunt, ordering her to orgasm, for me to watch. The vanilla started to dissappear ...
The Hedgehog
Six clothing pins 'landed' on her pussy lips. I jammed the purple dildo in between, deep into her cunt. Added the small vibe on her clit. Her moans and grunts started to sound like music in my ears. I could tell she was having difficulties processing all the inputs. So ... I added one more ...
"You have such a nice cunt ! Use those fingers to pull on these pins and spread it wider !!"
Fucking her deep with the dildo, her juices dripping out, I told her to brace herself. She was panting and whining heavily when I removed the clothing pins. I decided to take her mind elsewhere to mix pain with pleasure. And used the small vibe  to make her all drowsey and begging to cum.
"Master, please .... am I allowed to cum, please ..."
I can not fully describe what happens inside my mind.
Hearing her beg. Leaving her on that edge. Waiting for my approval. Slowly pushing the vibe onto her clit more firmly. Issuing the command:
"CUM !"
But it feels good,
fucking good,
damm it feels good
--- 69 ---
Her pussylips seem bruised now though. The dents were pretty deep. No visual marks remaining yet, but I may have pushed the clamping time to much. So tonight, it will be just a nice long fuck in the ass. *evil grin*

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I think I may need professional help, I am concerned something is wrong with me.
I have said it more then a few times in the past years. My sex drive was through the roof .. it had always been. I felt like continously wanting it. Up to the point where it anoyed even me ... No matter how often I came; not satisfied.
And even though our bedroom activities were far from plain missionary fucking. It gave me release .. but on some level not enough satisfaction.
I was simply afraid of expressing and admitting the need inside of me ... I see that now ...
I need that agonised look.
I need that pale ass turning pink.
I need those gasps.
I need to smack her.
I need to pull her hair.
I need her trust.
I need to see her vulnerable.
I need to bind her with rope,
to bind her with words.
I need to fuck her.
I need to control her orgasms.
I need to stroke her hair.
I need to kiss her gently.
I need to let her know I love her.
I need her head, resting on my chest,
panting, thanking me,
drifting off to sleep.
I need to be Dominant.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Asperges for desert

As I texted I was on my way home, subby send me back a pic, showing me what looked like dinner :)

I gave her a thumbs up as I like the white gold vegetables. Then a second text came in:

subby: "That will yield some pee smelling like aspergus tonight :-)"
Me: "Hehe, well then subby may have an additional asperge for late night desert  }:-)"
subby: "Yippeeeeee"

As I got home, the teasing back and forth continued. We had a rough day (mothersday) which I may write about at a later time, so some light fun was welcome. After she had cum two times, one oral and one fingerfuck, I wanted to try something different for the third orgasm. As I started playing with her nipple I told her to imagine I was playing with her clit instead. Whispering to her what a good little dirty slut she was, I flicked it back and forth .. starting slow but going faster and faster. Then I issued the order to cum hard and fast ... it took two seconds ... before her body responded. Her back arched, legs trembling, panting, moaning, looking at me in agony ... she came !

I love orgasm control ... I love it ... and in this way, I am going to love it even more ...

And when she had goten all fluffy and relaxed, ready to cudlle and crawl up to me, I sadisticaly recalled the text. It was time for the Asperge desert, only this time not with mashed potatoes and peas.

Friday, May 8, 2015

12 Random Facts (1)

I came across some random facts. His slut and tori set out to reveil 12 random facts about themselves. As Im a new Dom on the block in kinky blogland I will follow their traces. So .. 12 random facts. 6 vanilla and 6 kink ... hmm lets see :)
1) I am a foodie but I like my food luke warm. I hate soup which is so hot you cant taste it .. or pizza that burns your mouth .. luke warm brings out so much more taste for me.
2) My day starts with a fresh espresso. Before that i cannot promise any humanity or consideration.
3) I own a onesie, i even wear it ... even for walking the dogs sometimes, when i expect no one to be on the streets yet.
4) I can enjoy doing (almost) nothing, even for days in a row. Especially on holidays ... eat-fuck-sleep-repeat.
5) I love dogs, all through childhood, adolescene and as soon as I settled down from university till now I had at least one dog around :). I currently own three mid size dogs.
6) I like listening and exploring music. The streaming music providers enable this to great extend. Most genres pass by, not so much classical and jazz though, the majority is either (very) dark or progressive.
1) I love the smell of pussy. A lot. Not washing my hands after fingerfucking her in the morning to smell her pussy still, as I drive to work .. hmmm
2) Cumming inside any hole, is so much better then on her skin or face. And cumming together especially when ass fucking her is so nice ... *grin*
3) The despair, agony and bewilderment in her eyes can push me way up high in domspace. Still learning to control myself there. I feel very responsible for anything that happens while playing. Full first aid trained, always researching before trying new things .. control-freak .. me ??
4) I want to learn how to use a single tail whip. Difficult to practise around here though ... *growling*
5) Maybe I am more of a sadist then I dare to admit still. I love slapping her tits, pussy and face. Belts and crops are nice. Yet the feeling of dominance from doing that is no where close to what hapens inside my mind if i hold a cane.
6) On period .. good .. i like that ;) I dont mind if it gets a bit messy. Or very ... hehe

If any of these facts trigger deeper questions ..feel free :-)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Flagrant Jelly

Due discipline was the prelude to yesterday nights forgiving anal fuck. Subby sometimes forgets her position, and gets herself in trouble with a ''slightly'' bratty attitude.

I wouln't call it punishment. Punishment would be consequence of a wilfull act against a rule. Discipline is to nudge her back on track.

Blindfolded, gagged, nipples clamped, wrists tied with the rope firmly sunk into her pussylips, kneeling for 10 minutes. Watching her thoughts sink in, slowly. Her legs started trembling. I enjoyed seeing her loose track of  balance and time. Breathing heavily and drooling slightly. I checked on her after 7 minutes. Helped her keep balance a little with my carbon cane pressed against her shoulders. I still wanted to fuck her senseless afterwards, so having her tumbling forward hitting the wall was no option.

After 10 minutes I removed the blindfold and the gag. Untied one wrist and lead her to the bed. Tying her wrists to the headboard. Entering a remote vibe into her pussy. Fingering her clit.

Each time she asked for permission, i stopped the vibe and waited two seconds longer before she was allowed to cum, by 10 seconds .. she was jelly in my hands. I tied her legs as well and fucked her pussy. Her dripping wet delicious cunt.

"You may cum anytime, and when you have, ..."
"I will fuck and cum in your ass"

I love forgiving her like that .. hehe ..

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Shaking my head .. exhaling loudly, as if smoke escapes from my nosethrills. My eyes scanning her skin. Processing every goosebump, little hair and tiny perfect imperfection.
I growl as I aim again. My arm raised high holding the cane. I see the muscles in her face flinch. Her ass cheecks tightening up .. The sounds slowly sliding from my lips
The curves of her ass return as she relaxes a little .. the cane whistles through the air. Hitting the flesh, digging in, drilling the impact into her muscles. Just like a wave they roll over her ass into her legs and lower back.
Her body tries to curl up, as I hear the sounds of her whimpering, enter into my brain. Lifting up the cane. The impact area of the skin seems to ignite in flames.
"s..o.. .. p..r..e..t..t..y"
The cane soars back down, landing in the exact same spot. Her eyes widen as she gasps. The curtains ripple from the drag of the cane. Tears roll down her cheecks.
The muscles in my face lift the edges of my lips into an evil grin. My arm reaches, my hand touches her shoulders. Her lashes slowly opening up .. pupils aimed at me ..
The words, thank you Master, flow through my veins.
Shivers running down my spine.