Saturday, May 16, 2015


Watching her, handing the dogs over to subby's friend, putting on pale orange nailpolish, dress up all nicely, wearing a vintage dress. Selecting jewellery. Stressing to be on time for her aunts wedding.
All afternoon and evening the sexual energy was slumbering. The rules say no particular submissive behavior is required at family parties. Yet we agreed differently beforehand. I whispered dirty and degrading stuff into her ears. Standing close, making her feel the bulge in my pants. Gently swatting her ass now and then. Could all be considered almost vanilla :)
However, by the time the party was over and we were back home, I wanted her so badly. Ordering her to take of her panties, pull up the dress and spread her legs wide, on the bed. Playing with her cunt, ordering her to orgasm, for me to watch. The vanilla started to dissappear ...
The Hedgehog
Six clothing pins 'landed' on her pussy lips. I jammed the purple dildo in between, deep into her cunt. Added the small vibe on her clit. Her moans and grunts started to sound like music in my ears. I could tell she was having difficulties processing all the inputs. So ... I added one more ...
"You have such a nice cunt ! Use those fingers to pull on these pins and spread it wider !!"
Fucking her deep with the dildo, her juices dripping out, I told her to brace herself. She was panting and whining heavily when I removed the clothing pins. I decided to take her mind elsewhere to mix pain with pleasure. And used the small vibe  to make her all drowsey and begging to cum.
"Master, please .... am I allowed to cum, please ..."
I can not fully describe what happens inside my mind.
Hearing her beg. Leaving her on that edge. Waiting for my approval. Slowly pushing the vibe onto her clit more firmly. Issuing the command:
"CUM !"
But it feels good,
fucking good,
damm it feels good
--- 69 ---
Her pussylips seem bruised now though. The dents were pretty deep. No visual marks remaining yet, but I may have pushed the clamping time to much. So tonight, it will be just a nice long fuck in the ass. *evil grin*