Friday, May 22, 2015


It crept up on the wall. I didnt notice it at first, and once it was in full sight ... , I hate it when that happens.

I planned a relaxing evening, candles, dimmed lights. Messing a bit with her mind .. telling her to prepare as I threw the magic wand on the bed. Told her to lie face down. I started using the magic wand on her shoulders and neck. Using some light scented oil .. removing all the knots in her shouders. Then using my hands to rub her whole back ... Some more magic wand fun and then falling asleep.

Getting up early, walking the dogs and preparing a sweet breakfast for us. But as I was just finishing up, getting ready to bring everything upstairs, she rushed into the kitchen ???
Subby: "Going to the doctor with the daughter" I argued about the reasons and claimed it was not that urgent, but the appointment was set, etc etc ... So off she went.

I sat at the kitchen table, and ate the breakfast alone. Completely dissapointed, Pissed off. As they returned hours later, the spider had already gotten in plane sight.

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When subby told me "Master, I'm done with your mood. If you want to punish me, just to blow off steam, go ahead" I blocked. I put this thing we do on pause.

I am used to plans being just plans, Getting changed all the time, it is my work ... yet I am bad at handling change of plans when it concerns 'time for the two of us'. Being interupted at such times makes me growl. I just wanted to be nice to her ...

And she was right, it fouls my mood. But I dont want to beat her for it, even if she is willing to do/take that for me. I need to be in control before, not as a result.

I take two lessons away from this, that if the spider shoots across the wall again:

  • I stay in control by bending along the disruption. i.e. "Allthough I think it is not wise to not first have breakfast, and the urgency is not appearant. You will go to the doctor with her now"
  • To ease off my mood, and allow her submission to help me without using pain. I could try a different approach.Dominating her without impact i.e. Letting her fingerfuck herself and cum for me to watch; Have her insert a bad mood plug she can take out only when I am calm again; Tie her up.

Thanks for reading through. This post was on draft a while, changing it, tweaking it with growing insight. I try to refrain from publishing in emotion, that just doesn't work for me.

Any constructive feedback, comments or insights are welcome :)


  1. I think it is interesting to read from the other side, when the Dom doesn't get what he wants because of life, then what? I'm sure my Master has to compromise with life getting in his way too, like when he'd rather stay home and fuck than go to work, but work obligations call him more strongly than fun every time.

    1. Lol .. i guess id rather stay home and fuck every day :) . Though dealing with life on itself, like work, is less frustrating, as having to quickly end a scene because one of the teens gets home at 01:00 am :)