Thursday, April 30, 2015


  • 6" dildo
  • tie wraps
  • Swiss army knife
  • ben wa balls
Pre-heat your sub with the ben wa balls prior to arriving home from work
Tease her some more in the evening

Act tired and like not to much will happen and all of a sudden zip the tie wraps onto 2 wrists and one ankle.
Remove the ben wa balls, putting them in her mouth.

Over the course of the next 40-50 minutes
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again, and cum again.
Use the knife a little, especially to cut the tie wrap on the ankle, then tie wrap the wrists to the bed and repeat the above process as follows.
Fuck her, command her to cum, switch to the dildo, command her to cum again
Fuck her, allow her to cum, together.
Wait till she thanks you, cut her loose, then fall asleep all cuddled up ...

Last night was wonderful.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shaping the rules (1)

As the current set of rules is one month old, the first full review is planned for tomorrow.

When building them, discussing them and finalising them, on beforehand who knows if the total package will work ? I figured, even though I am perfectionist by nature, that there might be rules that have flaws or even worse .. in practise do no work out beneficially.

I laid out rules in several sections of submissive service and the role of myself, to see what makes Me, subby and us tick. Some things work fine others don't.Already for a few days some pre-discussions took place, I am curious and excited where tomorrows review will lead us.

We have had one scene, ended abruptly, by me. I could tell she panicked after I smacked her cunt in a moment where she didn't expect it. I demanded her to re-open her legs, but looking at her eyes I could tell she was not ok. On top of that we got disturbed by the kids, so aftercare was a bit lousy .. creating a sub-drop.

Some rules in the domestic service area seem to work fine, others don't .. still trying to figure out why, but I guess it was to far stretched to get it first time right, even for a perfectionist like Me ;)

Browsing for some 'good Dom' websites I came across the quote below at evilmonk,
"If thou dost ill, the joy fades, not the pains;
If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains."
      - Benjamin Franklin

Keeping that in mind...

Monday, April 27, 2015


I was in a good mood, while walking through the kitchen to fetch myself a beer. Seriously ? Yes.

I noticed the amount of beers was getting to the low side of what the rules prescribe (minimum 2 available cold beers). So I thought to hint subby to be aware of it ...

Me: "You might need to check on the number of beers in the fridge, it is running low"
subby: "Maybe Master shouldn't drink that much then ..."

She realised she crossed the line, and tried smiling her way out of it.
A really cute and sexy smile.
Very innocent.

But there is no escape.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


I can't entirely recap yesterday evening. I remember subby had obeyed while shopping for groceries, and brought wooden clothing pins back home.

Finding good spots where they don't pop off was a laugh. She claims they actually hurt less then she anticipated. Which is good, cause fucking her with the clothing pins clamped upon her, seeing them swing back and forth, was awesome. She gasped and moaned cumming several times. Oh, and did I mention it was awesome to watch them swing back and forth ?

I do recall rolling her over onto her belly as well. Using my self made crop. Hitting her harshly a couple of times. Then asking her to call out a number between 1 and 10 for each cheek. She choose to be very brave.
I love that feeling of time slowing down as I beat her ass ...Beatitude ... hmm

Gently rubbing her pussy, using the magic wand to notch things up and ordering her to scream into the pillow when cumming. Caressing and kissing her ass. Cuddling up to her to fall asleep.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Pulling the belt out of my pants, feeling the leather slide through my fingers,  she looks at me, desire, to please.

"who's slut are you ?"
"I am your slut, Master"

Making her spread her legs, snapping the belt on her inner tights.
feeling her up, gently smacking her tits, belly, pussy,
harder and rougher.

Licking her clit, sucking it,eating her, devouring her pussy. Groping her tits, she squirms, moans, breaths heavily, asking for permission to cum.

I stop and tell her .. she can when the belt touches her clit. I lift my arm backwards, as if I will hit her hard... She flinches and closes her legs.


Before she has any time to think, she is rolled her over and gets her ass smacked hard.
Ten times.

Turning her onto her back again, OPEN YOUR LEGS !.
She slowly obeys. Then I gently rub her clit with the loop of the belt. CUM !

Her back arches, as she clenches into orgasm. Her fingers digging into the sheets. Moaning, panting, she thanks me.

Pulling her close to suck me deep. She gags on my cock, continuing vigorously.
I love those wet sounds, the coughs, the moans. I tell her she can cum whenever as I start eating her pussy again. And when her pussy contracts for the 5th time, so do my balls, seeding her sexy mouth as I collapse on top of her ....

Monday, April 20, 2015


Just before I started my commute home I texted subby.
"Take off your panties, put the ben wa balls inside, and when I'm home, hand me the panties as soon as you can."
"Yes Master"
"Though wearing them while driving to pick up our son might be a challenge ... but i will try to do my best"
10 minutes later I get the following text
"Roundabouts are fun ! Wheee"
I laughed out loud ...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bath with a view

I sat on the couch when all of a sudden I had a brilliant idea.
"Go prepare me a bath"
All was neatly done, right temperature, towel, my favourite bathing oil. All to rinse off the smell of barbeque from this evenings dinner. I love cooking outdoors, made some nice flatbread with grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, mozarella and reverse seared steak. All tossed onto the grill to melt the cheese and ... food ... anyway ... instead of reading or listening music I ordered her upstairs again .. told her to sit down spread and let me watch her orgasm.
She undressed dipped one foot into the water onto my cock .. her pussylips held widely apart as she flicked her fingers over her clit fast. She came very quickly and as she kissed me goodbye she commented that the show was so short ... 
Wrong .. so wrong ;)
thus ... I ordered her to bend over closely so i could watch and finger her and enjoy my bath with a very sexy view.

My ass is Yours

Her mind was in the right place ...
"Would you like me to dress very sexy after my shower Master ?"
My mind was in the right place ...
Tying her into a gote box tie, messing with the cinches, cuffing her ankles loosely to the loop on her wrists. Ordering her to lie face down on the bed. Enjoying how she struggles to obey, not able to use her hands and arms.
Forcing her hips down roughly, pushing her pussy onto the magic wand. Feeling the vibrations all the way into my hands building up towards the first orgasm, her begging me for approval to cum, and a second .. and a third time ..
Smiling as she squirms while i hold the wand against the end of an 8" dildo. Telling her to enjoy the fucking. Watching her curvy red ass from the occasional slaps. "Cum again now !" ... her body shakes and bucks inside the ropes. 
Biting her ear, hissing, "I am going to fuck and cum in your ass."
"Yes Master, my ass is Yours"
Hearing faint moans as I plundered her ass, there was no escape. Hitting her back with my shirt while fucking that delicious ass faster and faster to finally hold still deep inside. Making her feel how my balls contract and load her with cum.
"Thank you, Master"
After untying her she fell asleep on my chest. Holding her firmly, watching her curves, caressing her hair as the candles died out.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Slowly turning pink

I had to work untill 19:00 yesterday. Comes with the job but when i finally stepped into my car I was happy to text my subby asking if she felt like inserting two vagina balls. She replied she would do later when the kids were taken care off.
As I got home half past eight .. dinner was served and we watched two episodes of modern family. Snuggled up together i was anticipating her to be all wet from internal vibrations ... But she had forgotten to insert them ...

I loved watching her bottom slowly turning pink as i smacked her pale skin with a self made implement. (End of a belt connected to a cane .. more like a riding crop with a long thick heavy leather end). she relaxed into the pain .. soft whimpers and moans .. tapping her everywhere, gentle, harsh, teasing, hard finally becomming unresponsive to my questions i knew she had drifted off.
I took out mr hitachi .. and after allowing her two intense orgasms was time to use my cock and fuck her, face pinned down into the matras, pushing her ass down and fucking her pussy deep and hard till my seed filled up her insides while allowing her to cum once more ...

Goodnight subby ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Kinky World

I allways start to make the first entry or post into any new digital realm by saying the same two words: Hello World, but in this case i'll make an exception.

Hello Kinky World