Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shaping the rules (1)

As the current set of rules is one month old, the first full review is planned for tomorrow.

When building them, discussing them and finalising them, on beforehand who knows if the total package will work ? I figured, even though I am perfectionist by nature, that there might be rules that have flaws or even worse .. in practise do no work out beneficially.

I laid out rules in several sections of submissive service and the role of myself, to see what makes Me, subby and us tick. Some things work fine others don't.Already for a few days some pre-discussions took place, I am curious and excited where tomorrows review will lead us.

We have had one scene, ended abruptly, by me. I could tell she panicked after I smacked her cunt in a moment where she didn't expect it. I demanded her to re-open her legs, but looking at her eyes I could tell she was not ok. On top of that we got disturbed by the kids, so aftercare was a bit lousy .. creating a sub-drop.

Some rules in the domestic service area seem to work fine, others don't .. still trying to figure out why, but I guess it was to far stretched to get it first time right, even for a perfectionist like Me ;)

Browsing for some 'good Dom' websites I came across the quote below at evilmonk,
"If thou dost ill, the joy fades, not the pains;
If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains."
      - Benjamin Franklin

Keeping that in mind...

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