Saturday, April 18, 2015

My ass is Yours

Her mind was in the right place ...
"Would you like me to dress very sexy after my shower Master ?"
My mind was in the right place ...
Tying her into a gote box tie, messing with the cinches, cuffing her ankles loosely to the loop on her wrists. Ordering her to lie face down on the bed. Enjoying how she struggles to obey, not able to use her hands and arms.
Forcing her hips down roughly, pushing her pussy onto the magic wand. Feeling the vibrations all the way into my hands building up towards the first orgasm, her begging me for approval to cum, and a second .. and a third time ..
Smiling as she squirms while i hold the wand against the end of an 8" dildo. Telling her to enjoy the fucking. Watching her curvy red ass from the occasional slaps. "Cum again now !" ... her body shakes and bucks inside the ropes. 
Biting her ear, hissing, "I am going to fuck and cum in your ass."
"Yes Master, my ass is Yours"
Hearing faint moans as I plundered her ass, there was no escape. Hitting her back with my shirt while fucking that delicious ass faster and faster to finally hold still deep inside. Making her feel how my balls contract and load her with cum.
"Thank you, Master"
After untying her she fell asleep on my chest. Holding her firmly, watching her curves, caressing her hair as the candles died out.


  1. I followed your comment and found your new blog. Thanks for your advice and I can't wait to see how you and your sub get on. Welcome to the kinky blog world!

  2. Thanks :) Hope ill be able to keep up the blog We are still finding our balance, evaluating a lot, but I guess thats normal .. or at least for us its needed.