Monday, April 27, 2015


I was in a good mood, while walking through the kitchen to fetch myself a beer. Seriously ? Yes.

I noticed the amount of beers was getting to the low side of what the rules prescribe (minimum 2 available cold beers). So I thought to hint subby to be aware of it ...

Me: "You might need to check on the number of beers in the fridge, it is running low"
subby: "Maybe Master shouldn't drink that much then ..."

She realised she crossed the line, and tried smiling her way out of it.
A really cute and sexy smile.
Very innocent.

But there is no escape.


  1. The smile as the attempt to backtrack. I've tried it. It never works. I love the exchange though. So real.

  2. I actually enjoy the smile(s).
    And for me its all about that exchange. I know some people have rules against eye contact, but that doesn't work for Me or her :)

    1. Us either. Sadly, the website still is having issues. But I do have amazing tech support that are trying to help. And I get the transition, we are going through the same thing. With kids especially, moving outside the bedroom has been difficult. But it's those moments that make it worth it.

      Glad you both are enjoying the ride. And I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble. :)