Friday, April 24, 2015


Pulling the belt out of my pants, feeling the leather slide through my fingers,  she looks at me, desire, to please.

"who's slut are you ?"
"I am your slut, Master"

Making her spread her legs, snapping the belt on her inner tights.
feeling her up, gently smacking her tits, belly, pussy,
harder and rougher.

Licking her clit, sucking it,eating her, devouring her pussy. Groping her tits, she squirms, moans, breaths heavily, asking for permission to cum.

I stop and tell her .. she can when the belt touches her clit. I lift my arm backwards, as if I will hit her hard... She flinches and closes her legs.


Before she has any time to think, she is rolled her over and gets her ass smacked hard.
Ten times.

Turning her onto her back again, OPEN YOUR LEGS !.
She slowly obeys. Then I gently rub her clit with the loop of the belt. CUM !

Her back arches, as she clenches into orgasm. Her fingers digging into the sheets. Moaning, panting, she thanks me.

Pulling her close to suck me deep. She gags on my cock, continuing vigorously.
I love those wet sounds, the coughs, the moans. I tell her she can cum whenever as I start eating her pussy again. And when her pussy contracts for the 5th time, so do my balls, seeding her sexy mouth as I collapse on top of her ....


  1. Sounds fun. Belts are a great multi-purpose item. I understand her closing her legs in that moment though, been there, done that.

    1. Yeah. I have come to find lots of regular household items can be used creatively. I love to play with her mind. If I tell her to get the barbecue fork, I can see her mind racing ... *evil grin*

    2. Gotta love the mind fucks. I'm with her on the barbecue fork though. But you never know what you can find. Glad you two are keeping it fun.

  2. I love His belt! One in particular.

    My fav is being on all fours, sucking Him while He belts me. Mmmm...

    I flinch and close my legs. I hate when i do. I hate punishment.

    1. Mmm .. second good idea in a day :-)

    2. Pencil test was His idea. He liked my # from last night and I'm now to hold it for a few hrs and once a week add to it.

      The blow & belt was my idea. I saw it on tumblr and posed the question "do you think pig's throat would open farther every time the belt landed on pig's ass?" We tried and got our answer and one of my fav ways to receive the belt.

    3. Well thank your Master and you both then ;-)

  3. His belt- one of my favorites. Until it hits me right IN the crack though, yeowch!

    1. Hmm .. I should improve on my aim .. is that what your saying ?