Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pretty in pink

Some time ago subby explained to me that she felt like there were multiple submissive energies or mindsets that influenced her behavior as a sub.

The first being a dirty perverse cock addicted slut that willingly submits to all inquiries. More slave like. For me to use sexually whenever I like.

The second, a rather young submissive girl, wanting to explore the world and doing girly things, innocently discovering sexuality and service.

I fell silent. A revelation from deep down inside of her, exposing, vulnerable. I realy did not know what to say. But as she was telling the story, I could connect some of the behavioral dots. 
She told me some fantasies about dressing up girly, in pink. Sitting in her room doing girls stuff. She has to write little stories, and make drawings for me. Learn to expand her english vocabulary by reading english books and keeping track of words she learns. And if she misbehaves or fails a test the King will spank her, only with pink implements off course. Pink is her favourite colour.
What is interesting is that although it sounds like roleplay, I dont think it is. It is more mood dependant. It enhances how I interact towards her as a Dominant, adressing more what she needs as a submissive in that mood.
To bad I dont have a pink butt-plug ... yet :-) And making her do simple math while fucking her brains out was ... awesome


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