Friday, June 5, 2015


About a week ago, she showed me a bruise. The first official unintended mark that survived 12 hours. Located on the border off ass-cheek and upper-thigh. I remember .. i hit her there with my fist earlier that week. To make her cum harder, off course.

Later that evening, using the crop, all over her body, when by accident I hit exactly that location. Pillow muffled oooh's and aaaah's yelped  from her mouth. I focussed on that location.

Did I realise I was hitting her on the bruise ?
Why do I like bruisecropping ?

I don't like it for the pain it inflicts, I like it because I see and hear her struggle. If I can't put her on the edge, I am far less satisfied by the scene.

Hmmm *pondering while writing this post*

So its not the fact that she is helpless or surrendered and obeying ? I guess not.

Hmmm *pondering some more*

It is when my cum engulfs her mouth as she sucks my cock deep. And I keep reading on my phone as if nothing happens. And she starts to wonder and doubt, is it right or wrong ? Did he enjoy ? Does he approve ? Does he even notice ?

Hmmm *pondering and rubbing my eyebrows*

I enjoy and get aroused, plotting the cruelty beforehand ...

Hmmm *smirks*

okay, that qualifies as sadist ...

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