Saturday, June 27, 2015


The past few days I felt like focussing on her asshole. It has been fucked deep and hard, it has collected my cum several times. More then once I got very intense and saw tears rolling down her face. But she took the ass plundering like a good slut.
There was a bug though. She had cum twice without permission a couple of days ago, and allthough I understand those two were difficult to handle, I did not want to let it pass.
The rules are clear:
  • In Masters presence you will ask for permission to cum.
  • If Master orders you to cum, you will do so as fast and as hard as you can.
So subby was set on the edge of the bed and box-tied with soft pink rope. She was collared and nipple clamped and told to stand up. She was lectured shortly, looking down shyly. Then she was forced to cum three times, while her ass was paddled on two small area's. The bright red glow was magnificent.
Then she was unleashed, the chains pushed into her wet hole, her mouth gagged, and the magic wand was set upon her clit. Laying on her own arms for three additional orgasms. I zapped the chain out, sending droplets of her wetness flying through the air. I could see she was exhausted. There was no resistance anymore as I flipped her around and started to fuck the wet cunt from behind.
The legs and red asscheecks wobbling with my pace. 
The "thank you Master" as I seeded her deep inside, made me feel warm and fuzzy, and after untying her I pulled her into my arms to fall asleep.