Friday, September 4, 2015

Of Wolf and Man

Rules revision was skipped last week due to a busy schedule, but there is changes ahead. Sometimes you can feel that.

Our short trip together showed me I need to be Dominant, I need to plot out ways to jump her. Triggering her into submission. Beat her into it if must be.

Past weeks, with a lot less scene-interaction. I am watching her struggle, emotionally on edge.

I am changing the game. I make her do things she did not do before. Make her say things she would not say before. I use her for my pleasure.

Fuck her when she is very tired. In her tight ass when she does not expect it. Not cumming inside her as I did before, but splashing my cum onto her face, tits, legs, wherever.

It is all within the established boundaries, but I am wandering around. Mixing it up to catch her by surprise and dominate her by forcing her into awkward and humiliating scenes. Using little or no pain.

I am not sure yet, but it seems I am using humiliation to satisfy my sadism. And pain or the threat of pain, to enforce it.

I will need to research this ... cause the filthy, dirty, disgusting, kinky, dark ideas that are arising from this direction make me wonder what kind of animal I am ... *growl*

The wolf inside is rearing his head ...


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    1. Lol .. for some reason i get a late notice of this comment. Thanx for your perspective. I realise its a journey :)