Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just a couple of cents

My oh my, Just going to ramble some thoughts out there ...

My sub is not a pain-masochist.
For me the Sadism is not inflicting pain - per se.

I enjoy watching emotional struggle.

This can be by forcing her to write about something she dislikes, to force her to orgasm when she doesn't feel like it, to make her do things that she finds difficult. I enjoy her emotion when her face looks up at me and I can read from her eyes: "did he just seriously ask me to sniff up his cum from the floor ?"

I use pain/discomfort to guide her into doing it if she doubts to long or resists. To me the amount of pain she can take .. does not matter, I will continue to increase untill she does what I say. Her joy then does not come from the inflicted pain, but from the deep humiliation, the feeling of giving in and doing it ...

I told her to get on all fours, clamped her head between my thights and leaned over her, ripping her panties down .. encompassing and holding her forcefully, fingering her pussy ... when liquids began to flow abundantly, I released her head from between my legs.

"you wanna cum ?"
she nodded, "yes Master"
"then suck My cock and swallow it all, smear your face"

While the last spurt of cum was still gushing from my cock, I grabbed her head. Put it back between my tights. Bend over her back and grasped her ankles firmly ... touching her clit for 5 seconds ... then she erupted .. restrained by my legs and arms ...

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