Friday, August 14, 2015


I put a big dildo into the box from the topside, placing it against the backwall. Gently smacking her ass. "Back up and fuck him" ... as the order rolled from my lips I could feel the blood rush through my body. Watching her ride the big cock, Fuck that turns me on ...

"Be a good slut and fuck that cock deeper""
"Moan louder, you do not need to be ashamed of liking this"
"I know you are close, but you are not cumming without moaning much louder"
her voice started to change as she was loosing it .. "Master please, can he make me cum"
Her eyes looking up at me from behind the bars, I nodded .. , her eyes closed and a two thrusts later she groaned like an animal as her body started shaking and convulsing.

Still panting I pulled her hair through the bars, her face pressed against the wood, she knew what was required. Opening her mouth for my cock to enter she looked up again. The golden treasure trip was visible in her eyes. She took in what she could, gagging, drooling, licking, sucking my cock.

"You are my cunt, my hole to use as I see fit, I dont want an answer, I just want you to suck on, whore ...". As I was close I pulled back .. her eyes still looking at me.
"Would you like Masters cum ?", she nodded, "Yes Master". I climbed on top of the crib, and stuck my cock down into a corner. "SUCK"

She tried to turn and work her head into the corner, tilted backwards she managed what I thought was impossible. The good slut was sucking my cock again and licking my balls, drooling over her tits. Her make up all messed up. I moaned, telling her I was proud she was taking on so many cocks. But I had no intention of cumming in her mouth ...

"Put your ass towards the bars" Another hard to accomplish task, but she managed again.. her ass pressed onto the bars, her pussy wide open, her head and shoulders tilted under an angle to fit into the available space. I grabbed a dildo with a set of balls that feels more real then my own and started to fuck her harshly. "You gonna cum again slut ?" "I do not think so Master" "I do think so". Using a small vibe to fuck her ass in addition, it did not take long at all before she started moaning the loudest I have ever heard before. The "MAaasHasssterrRRRrr" she uttered as she came was gasoline to my Dominant fire ...

I lifted the cage up and pushed her head onto the floor with my foot. Drilled my cock into her wet cunt from behind. There was no resistance at all. Loud moans as I thrusted deeper, scraping her face over the floor,  and her tits dangling back and forth.

I erupted into her .. and pushed her away as a used ragdoll. Forcing her to open her legs ..

Watching as the cum dripped out, putting my fingers in to play with it a little. Kissing her calves, thights and belly, laying my head down.

"I love you"

"I love you too, Master"


  1. Wow! It's all I have after reading that explosion of ecstasy.

    1. I was glad I planned it the day before we travelled back home :) the journey giving us time to recharge :)