Friday, August 7, 2015


Ordering her to lay down and still. But no need to be quiet. That theme pretty much took the center stage past few days. Making her beg for more. More strikes and more orgasms. Making her ask for my cum on her face. 
The way her eyes look at me. Almost disbelief of what is happening.  she is calling out 'i am a whore' .. repeatedly, louder and louder .. while fucking herself with a dildo and jerking me off. She cums again, groaning and moaning .. yelping as I hit her all over with a flat hand.
her legs hog tied on the front, being drilled with virbators in her ass and eggs on her clit for another set of orgasms, pushing my feet in her face ... she falls asleep panting. Still wearing the cuffs.
Somewhere in the middle of the night I release her from her bounds, holding her tightly. Waking her up the next morning by licking her clit and ass .. stopping just before she cums, driving her to the edge, begging me. I make her confess her desire for several cocks to fill her up, and when she is to exhausted to resist I turn her onto her belly and fuck her deliciously tight ass, cumming all over her back ...
Holidays, without the kids are rough, loud and very .. very .. hot.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a holiday without the kids. This is a pretty good description of a bucket list-like scenario that I hope to have soon, albeit from the submissive husband point of view. Thank you so much for sharing. Wow!

  2. Thanx sub-hub. To be honest ... we have very very few of these holidays. Last time was 4 years ago ... so knowing we would be without kids, I packed a full bag of accesoires ;).