Tuesday, August 11, 2015


The last day of our kid-less holiday emerged. I decided I wanted to cook a nice dinner for the two of us, but allas, the grocery stores were closed. A dinner for two at a local restaurant overtook the original idea. After taking care of the dogs (walking and feeding) we prepped ourselves to go out. As she was putting on some make-up, I went upstairs to the 'unused' double-bed room. I figured she would not expect any more scenes ...  so wrong ... so wrong.
When we arrived the week before, a little tour around the house confronted me with my Dominant streaks. I still look back at myself at times and think, how was this not obvious ... enfin. In all rooms I checked for play posibilities, a small lockable shed, a double-bed room, a seperate sauna room. Scanning for rope attachement points in ceilings, radiator pipes, closets ... and then I noticed a baby crib ...
I took the matress out, layed it onto the floor and put the crib upside down ... perfect.
Going back downstairs, grabbed a couple of ben-wa balls and hid them in my sunglass-container. Urging subby to hurry up. 
As I asked for the check, she said she needed a short restroom break. I gently grabbed her wrist and handed her the sunglass container. I could see her eyes twinkle as she felt the wobbly motion of the balls inside the container. Immediately she knew, this was not the end to the evening. As she returned from the bathrooms, she handed me the empty container. "Good Slut" I whispered.
As we entered through the front door I ordered her to get naked. She seemed surprised, and could not focus on undressing. I smacked her ass .."faster bitch". Still no focus .. "FASTER" .. smacking her randomly across her body. And as soon as she was naked, there was a leash on a collar, and nipple clamps with a chain dangling from her big tits. Without any words I pulled her upstairs into the prepped bedroom and commanded her: "GET IN" while lifting the crib.
I started groping her arms, belly, tits,  "You are MY cunt", "You will be used as I see fit". As I smacked her with a small hard leather flogger through the openings I made sure she knew, even inside that crib ...
"On fours", "close to the end" .. she huddled backwards, pushing out her ass as it pleases me. I groped into her cunt ... dripping ...
she shivered ...


  1. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!! Yummy!!!


    1. It appears humilation is an effective approach with her :) Thanks.

  2. That is so hot! Can't wait to read the rest.

    1. She had trouble evaluating the scene the next day .. it had become a little bit of a blur :) Working on part 2 :)

  3. Oh this was very hot indeed!