Saturday, September 26, 2015


The past weeks were full of talks and insights shared. The last rules review is going to evolute into the next one, due in two days.

The new "contract over rules over will over wishes" system needs more finetuning. The nature of the dynamic is shifting. Sexually she is submitting deeper, closer to her edge, while in the other area's she can be more bratty and playful.

We noticed that during long workdays, or travel, when I am away, the dynamic is stressed, and she has difficulty to stay focussed. Drifting off into the gardens of the castle, doubting her actions, doubting if she is a good submissive. I started to challenge her wearing ben-wa balls when I am not home. No enforced times, just wearing them and reporting to me how long she is able to keep them in. This creates layers of connection, anticipation, and lust. So far it is working well.

Comming home to my dripping wet needy cunt is a great welcome. And treating her like a fucktoy a great release. Making her wear her onesie backwards, spreading her legs, lifting her shackled wrists. Hearing her breathing heavily as the toys are inserted. Her moans and wriggling are useless. It is when the tears of submission flow that she drifts off to subspace ready to be fucked like a ragdoll.

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