Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shaping the rules (4) - Pizza

Back from a nice week in France, heading onto a week with just the two of us and the dogs in the no man's countryside (north-east). At home for a couple of days, to send the teens off to their own holidays.

Yesterday was review and evaluation day. There was mainly one topic on the table. 'Asking for permission to orgasm'. I can not elaborate much on this now, but it became clear that there was an underlying thought pattern that has started to devellop into a direction I don't want. The rule will most likely be suspended for some time as I will search for better balance and development into the desired direction.

My focus was not on the cumming, it was on the 'asking permission', the controll. Her focus was on the orgasm, how to prevent it, untill granted allowed. We have gotten some idea's on the table and will start to play with them, to see what could work.

There was one moment during the family holiday where the kids were out by themselves and we had a couple of hours to ourselves. I did pack tie wraps, a vibrating egg and a small leather flogger (rather stingy). She was bent over the back of the chair, hands locked to the front legs, her ass perking backwards. The egg purring away at her g-spot .. the flogger harshly reddening her skin. There were some yelps, some moans and a rough fuck and deep seeding.
Leaving her panting for 10 minutes, returning and forcing her to cum twice more before tucking her into the sheets for a cuddle-nap ... untill the loud voices of kids, bringing home pizza, and knocking the door woke us up again.

It felt like claiming her ... this past week, to me, clearly indicates I need this thing we do ...

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