Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heat, hot, hurt

The heat wave in the Netherlands (94F/34C) is taking some fun away. We don not have airconditioning, as normaly the temps not even go above 72F/22C. So everything is getting laid back. I am actually glad subby was rather obedient so no discipline was needed. I think whacking her ass for half an hour with a whip would be pretty tough ...
I fucked her for release a few times, cumming on her belly or tits, but she had not been allowed to cum for a couple of days, thus the attributes layed out on the bed where gleamed at, and I saw a faint smile.
Blindfolding her, gagging her, putting the rope harnass on linked to her wrists with single collumn ties. Tightening the lower part of the harnass as she moves her hands outwards. It all took only a few minutes.
I told her to use the two dildo's. Switching every time she orgasmed, smacking her all over her body with the small leather flogger. After several orgasms I pushed one dildo in and locked it with the rope, using the magic wand on her clit till she came again, and again.
Turning her around, her limbs loosely flaping around (how nice !)... smacking her ass a few times and fucking her from behind in between the ropes. Which I will never do again. My cock hurt for hours ...
I wont be repeating that move again I think ...
PS, And for those who read from US, happy 4th of July.


  1. Oh cock rope burn! My Master had that once too!

    1. Once ... exactly ... a no repeat event :-)

  2. Sounds like a great scene, except cock burn. Ouch!

    1. I enjoyed it very much. And that cock rope burn has worn off fast luckily :)